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What is ALICE?

What ALICE does
With ALICE, the work flows: ALICE makes progress, not more process. ALICE strengthens the team and its work within and between departments, focusing on service and satisfaction. It all makes ALICE hotels the places where guests and staff want to stay.
How ALICE is built
Hotel technology is often overbuilt, complex, and legacy laden - exactly the opposite of what you need in a hotel. Hoteliers love ALICE because it is powerful, elegantly easy to use and constantly improving. ALICE is built for and customized to your team and your hotel. It’ll fit your workday with no extra features or bloat, just a lean, powerful toolset.
How ALICE works

ALICE connects your entire team for task management (definition, confirmation, escalation), communication, and operational analytics. It ensures every department is working on a common platform in order to meet or exceed the expectations of guests and management.


Our Clients & Partners


We are extremely pleased to select ALICE as the Official Guest Service Technology of Forbes Travel Guide. It is essential that staff members at a hotel communicate with each other to satisfy many of the 900 standards by which we evaluate a property. ALICE personalizes its product to meet the needs of each property with whom it partners.”
– Gerard J. Inzerillo, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide
2020 #1 Concierge Software
2020 Top 10 Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech
2020 Finalist Staff Collaboration Tools
(Best in North America) 

2020 Finalist Housekeeping Software
2020 Finalist Preventative Maintenance Software
2020 Finalist Facilities Maintenance Management


At ALICE, we pride ourselves on doing our homework. We dream and we do. We model and make. It’s not enough to encounter pie-in-the-sky insights about hotels and hoteliers - and then leave it there. It requires active listening - conversations with instead of speaking to. We bake these insights into our platform, into the tool, into our phenomenal support, and into our hand-picked team. In short, we work with our partners to build the future. That’s ALICE.