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4 Effective Ways to Boost Your Hotel Staff’s Productivity

4 Effective Ways to Boost Your Hotel Staff’s Productivity


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Here are four ways to increase your hotel's staffs productivity. 

This is a guest post by Allison Hail. 


Keeping a hotel of any size functioning smoothly is a challenge. Back-to-back reservations, high guest turnover at peak times, and many other factors can stress your team and cause their performance and productivity level to drop. Clear communication is essential so that every member of your hotel staff knows what they should be doing and when. You can help increase the productivity of your staff using both modern technology and old-fashioned techniques. Here are our top four ways to boost your hotel staff’s productivity.


Use a management app

There are numerous management apps which can help to keep control of bookings, arrivals, checkouts, bills, customer requirements, and much more. Most of these hotel management apps focus solely on front desk tasks. However, ALICE offers the possibility of linking across all departments, allowing you to communicate requests and resolve incidents wherever they occur. With ALICE’s tracking tool, you will be able to anticipate the needs of your clients and offer them exceptional service that will exceed their expectations. ALICE even lets guests communicate directly with your staff via the app whenever or wherever they need to. ALICE keeps track of everything from housekeeping, to sales, to the office, and of course the front desk. It is a super-efficient system which assigns work, keeps track of progress, updates outstanding jobs, and much more. It records and analyses every aspect of your hotel’s functions and shows you how you can make improvements, so you can keep exceeding your guest’s expectations and keep your business growing.


Build a team

Even with the help of a management app, your staff must understand and respect the jobs of each person to work together in seamless harmony. Encourage a solid work relationship between your staff. Hold meetings where everyone can be heard and where everyone’s opinions, feelings, and suggestions are considered. Build a great team spirit by involving your staff in activities such as charity runs. Participating in team-building events helps each member of your team feel vital and important to the overall functioning of your hotel.


Offer incentives

Pay your employees fairly or even a little higher than your competitors. Everyone works to be paid, and if your staff feel that they are well recompensed for their work, they are much more likely to work harder and to go that little bit further to do their job well. Incentives do not necessarily have to be monetary: other offers such as private health or dentistry plans, child-minding services, flexible or reduced working hours can all help your staff feel appreciated and motivate them to be more productive. Providing adequate transport, rest breaks, and dining facilities will help to keep your staff contented and motivated. Happy staff make productive teams – which can really make all the difference to the success of your business.


Give praise

Everyone enjoys being appreciated for a job well done. So, make sure you give praise liberally. Some people may prefer a quiet pat on the back, while others may respond well to a more public acknowledgement. Encourage your employees to have the confidence to air any problems they may have and make a real attempt to solve them. Be sensitive and sympathetic to each of your staff as individuals. Make sure that they know just how important they are to the functioning of the whole team and in keeping the hotel running smoothly.


About Allison Hail:

Allison Hail is a freelance writer based in Wellington, New Zealand who believes productivity is a truly critical component of a successful business! When she’s not writing, you’ll usually find Allison sipping coffee and enjoying a good book. 

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