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5 Ways Lean Housekeeping Staff Can Benefit from Operations Software

Housekeeping team members are always on the go. You hardly ever find them in the office because they are walking many miles a day around your hotel, working hard physically and mentally. In addition to cleaning guest rooms, housekeeping staff keeps everything clean and running properly, including uniforms, towels, linens, public areas and back-of-the-house areas. 

Wherever your housekeeping team might be in the hotel, they need to be able to access every piece of changing information in real time. With the effects of the pandemic – changing guidelines, labor shortages and changing travel patterns – immediate mobile communication is the only solution to keep your hotel running smoothly. 

There are five primary ways technology can assist any housekeeping department to be more efficient and to make the day-to-day much easier for all team members:

Here's how technology can help your hotel housekeeping department improve efficiency:

1. Eliminates All Miscommunication

You need a hotel communication tool that keeps pace with your housekeeping staff as they constantly move throughout the property. With real-time information available on their mobile device, they can quickly satisfy guest requests, such as “more towels for room 32B” or “extra linens in room 102.” 

ALICE Guest Messaging allows guests to get in touch directly with the housekeeping department to submit requests and allows your housekeeping staff to respond very quickly and delight guests. ALICE auto-assigns tasks, and the employee closest to the location can deliver and close the request ticket. Additionally, the operations platform streamlines the departments, such as by improving communication among departments, which decreases pressure on the front desk. Guests can now make requests directly to housekeeping, and housekeeping can request maintenance when they see things that need to be fixed while completing their duties.

2. Automates All Housekeeping Duties 

When hotels manually assign rooms, the process can be lengthy and lead to mistakes that frustrate guests. The housekeeping staff must also monitor their floor section and walk the corridors frequently, resulting in wasted time and energy. With ALICE, the room assignments are done in a centralized manner and are completely automated, including automating a sequence of rooms. You can also create notes to associate with a room, such as a VIP room request or a rush room assignment. Once the rules are configured and tested, the system can accurately auto-assign and save your hotel a lot of time and money.  

3. Prioritizes and Reprioritizes on the Fly

Throughout the day, the priorities for housekeeping change, such as a guest arriving early or a previously cleaned room needing additional attention after inspection. Using manual methods, managers have to walk back to the desk to manually update the list and then communicate with the housekeeping staff. However, ALICE offers mobile room reordering, which allows the manager to reprioritize the board in real time while walking the floor. The managers save time while the housekeeping staff can more efficiently complete their tasks, which improves guest satisfaction.

4. Improves Ease of Onboarding

With the increased labor shortage, hotels need to quickly onboard new employees so they can be productive as soon as possible. While some communication platforms require specialized training, ALICE’s award-winning, intuitive design ensures hotel teams are able to easily learn and adopt the platform with little to no prior training. Hotel managers also find that employees with language barriers find the color coding and icon-based interface make the technology more approachable. Because of real-time and clear communication, hotels can hire less-experienced employees and have them successfully complete their tasks and improve guest satisfaction in days instead of weeks.

5. Uses Data to Your Advantage      

Since most hotel housekeeping departments work under tremendous pressure to reduce costs yet increase consistency in cleanliness, sanitization and service, the department has to constantly review and change their efficiency output. By using technology and hotel data, you can improve efficiency. Because many hotels don’t use data because of a lack of reliability or ease of access, ALICE allows hotels to create custom reports that provide advice and guidance to your team specifically. 

You can also use ALICE reporting to evaluate the impact of both day-to-day and long-term decisions taken, such as determining how much money you would save by removing toothbrush kits from your rooms. While you may assume a cost savings, ALICE reports can compare the cost savings with the labor of delivering requested toothbrushes to the room.


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