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5 Ways to Use ALICE Front of House to Enhance Your Guest Experience

What makes a hotel experience extraordinary? For new guests, it may mean fast and friendly concierge service to book a dining reservation. For return guests, it may mean a greeting by name from the bellhop or front desk attendant. While the definition differs, positive reviews and compliments from guests tend to have a common thread. Most likely, all remarkable experiences come back to the seemingly small moments when the hotel staff go above and beyond to meet guests’ requests and needs. 

These moments are created by members of the hotel staff; these memories keep guests coming back to the property for years. But guest loyalty can be difficult to drive and maintain amidst the current labor shortage. Front-of-house employees are wearing even more hats than ever - while striving to meet increased customer expectations. To make it simple and easy to provide a guest experience that guests talk about for years, we are now offering ALICE Front of the House, which includes our Guest Services and Guest Messaging products alongside Service Delivery. 

Here are five ways to use ALICE’s Front of the House hotel solution to create a guest stay that ranks as one of their all-time best guest experiences:  

1. Personalize your guests’ stay.

Everyone wants to feel special, so a hotelier’s priority should be to allow guests to feel that way. Keeping track of guest preferences, calling them by their name, and showing genuine interest in their requests are what hospitality is all about. ALICE Front of House keeps track of the seemingly little details that make a big difference to your guests. ALICE Service Delivery can also track and task manage guest requests before, during, and after the guest’s stay. By using ALICE’s task management feature, hotel managers can make sure that requests and preferences are carried over from one shift to another as well as between stays even months or years apart. Little things - like remembering a guest’s favorite breakfast item or that they like an extra pillow from a stay last year - make a big impression. 

2. Communicate personally with guests.

One of the best ways to provide service worthy of a five-star review is to create a relationship. ALICE Guest Messaging offers multiple channels of communication with the guest, such as text messages and emails. Because text messages stay in the system, hotel staff can easily see past communications to keep the conversation flowing. From the guest’s perspective, it appears as if they are talking to a single representative. Also, automated messages can be triggered based on the stage of the guest’s stay such as when a guest books, the day before arrival, and after check-in to check on the guest’s needs. 

3. Enhance the virtual pre-arrival experience.
A hotel can stand out from other properties by providing excellent service from a guest’s first interaction - which typically starts before they physically step onto the property. The guest’s experience begins virtually. Things like a user-friendly website, multiple channels of communication, tracking of pre-arrival requests, and efficient management of those requests set the mood for a guest’s stay.

4. Curate personalized recommendations.

Guests depend on front of house staff to provide them with the inside details of the hotel’s location and surrounding community – best restaurants, must-see attractions, and public transportation tips. Staff can be easily trained on ALICE to actively use guest profile information to make recommendations based on personal preferences. For example, if a guest loved a specific restaurant last time because it offered a great view, the concierge can send a message about another restaurant with the best sunset view in town. With ALICE Front of House solution, any staff member can make OpenTable reservations right in the tool, proactively meeting and exceeding guest expectations.

5. Provide meaningful upsells.

Upselling requires a tricky balance. Guests should feel that an upgrade or upsell offer is specific to their needs and a benefit to their stay - not an intrusive or irrelevant sales push. By using the guest’s messaging history and profile, hotel staff can discover how to increase positive reviews and improve guest services at the same time. For example, if a guest commented last time how much they loved their massage, a text message to the guest can share a current special on couple’s massages. Or if a guest  upgraded their room during their last stay, the front desk attendant can specifically ask about upgrading during check-in. 

Taking advantage of these advancements in hotel tech allows your team to work more effectively, efficiently, and seamlessly - bettering not only a guest’s experience, but your team’s as well (and who doesn’t love a happy staff?).

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