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I May Be a Pen and Paper Guy, But I Need ALICE's Concierge Software to Run My Team

The concierge job is all about communication, and ALICE provides the technology I need to speak to all departments of our hotel.  

This is a guest post from Erik Rocca, Lead Concierge with Thompson Nashville. 


I work from 3 in the afternoon till 11 at night.  

Prime time for New Year's Eve.  

The first thing I do every night is to login to Alice.  New Year's Eve was no different.  

I believe in the importance of a hotel around the holidays.  I believe in the importance of a black tie event.  I believe people look forward to it.  A chance to get dressed up, a chance at a New Year, a chance to become a better version of yourself.  

I remember growing up in Chicago, and on New Year's Eve there was always a Black Tie Event at the Palmer House, an illustrious old school hotel.  I remember being invited by a friend whose father was a politician.  It was magical, glamorous, and everything I wanted from a hotel.  

This New Year's was no different at Thompson Nashville.  Alice  assisted me to deliver the prestige of the holiday to almost every one of our guests.  A bottle of Veuve to The Macallisters, two cartons of Marlboro Lights to Mr. Mcdonagh from Ireland, a cupcake to Ms. Fisher in room 718.  

I can log all of this in Alice

Mr. Johnson just arrived... He mentions to the front desk there has been a package delivered to the hotel in his name......I login to our software.

"Absolutely, Mr. Johnson," I say.."It was received by Mr. Hicks in our security department at 9:15 this morning.  I will have it delivered to your room."  


I used to be a pen and paper guy.  I still am.  However, I know that in order to effectively pass off all the strange gems of information that transpire during the course of my shift I need a type of log.  ALICE is our team’s diary.  



Our Shift Log feature lets concierges communicate critical information about guest requests and packages (and much more) across shifts. 


The hotel experience begins with the valet and bellman, but it is cemented when a guest enters their room.  For me it begins with amenities and the guests I know will be in the hotel. Our software enables me to deliver dark chocolate espresso cookies to room 717 at 12:01, because our food and beverage partner is monitoring my guest requests in real-time.  I enter it, it's picked up by F&B, and boom, it's done.  

It's all about communication, and our software provides the technology I need to speak to all departments of our hotel in real time.  



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ALICE's functionality sets it apart from other concierge technologies



Erik Rocca

Lead Concierge at Thompson Nashville