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6 Benefits of Hotel Preventative Maintenance Automation

Preventative maintenance is an essential part of hotel operations. Some owners and managers might even argue that facilities maintenance and engineering departments are some of the most important departments within a hotel. As a guest, people rarely say, “Wow, this hotel has great preventative maintenance in place!” But guests can definitely tell when your hotel doesn’t have an efficient maintenance plan in place. 

Investing in preventative maintenance software can have a huge impact on your hotel’s engineering team, and it is one of the easiest and most successful ways to complete preventative maintenance at your hotel. 

Businesses can save 12-18% by investing in preventative maintenance (PM) instead of reactive maintenance, and software can help save time and facilitate the process. The downside of not having PM software or a program in place can be detrimental to the physical condition of your hotel, the guest experience and reviews, and the health and safety of staff and guests. 

The automation, transparency, and reporting that are built into so many PM tools are positive not only for hotel maintenance management teams and hotel general managers, but they also make an impact on the day to day tasks of engineering and maintenance staff. Here are six ways hotels can benefit from automated preventative maintenance: 


Increase the lifetime of your hotel’s most expensive pieces of equipment 

If a car can drive 100,000 with zero maintenance, think about how much further it could go if its oil were changed on a regular basis. Regular PM can help your hotel extend the lifetime on some of its biggest pieces of equipment. From HVAC systems, to industrial laundry or kitchen equipment, intermittent maintenance and care can have a big impact in the long run. 


Budget appropriately, reduce unexpected capital expenditures, and save money 

With regular maintenance, that is performed on a schedule, engineers will have much more accurate estimates about when a piece of equipment might need to be replaced. With accurate reporting about the status of equipment, hoteliers can appropriately plan their expenses. Having to make room in your budget mid-year for a surprise repair can have widespread consequences.


Don’t let tasks slip through the cracks 

An important part of preventative maintenance software are the automated reminders to check equipment (on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis). On a busy day, checking and recording hot tub chemical levels can easily slip the mind of a maintenance engineer. Automated reminders make it hard to forget tasks.

There are also daily tasks, like PM walkthroughs, that may require a maintenance team member to check on dozens of items in common areas such as the lobby, gym or hallways. Checklists are built into many PM software programs, so that each task is checked and signed off on with a digital time stamp. 


Reduce guest complaints and gain visibility into your operations

Consistent PM is required to provide exceptional guest experiences and convenience just as much as it is needed for safety and extending the life of equipment. PM can raise a red flag if a room is cooling or heating incorrectly, or if the fan is noisy or not. Checking window seals quarterly help prevent leakage and helps maintain a steady room temperature. 

With automated PM schedules, engineers not only catch small issues before they are problems, but they might be able to prevent widespread issues. If you replaced all of your HVAC units at the same time, and one or two are starting to have problems, chances are that they’re all going to start having the same problem. Prevent future guest complaints not only in one room, but throughout your whole hotel. 


Support lean teams 

Many hotels are working with reduced staff counts in response to COVID-19. Automated PM helps employees get more work done, with less people. Additionally, employees are receptive to automation, 89% believe that it’s made them more efficient at work. 

Automated reminders reduce the amount of time it takes for staff to complete a task. With mobile devices, an engineer or maintenance team member can work on the go, taking notes, or recording measurements, all on one mobile device. 


Work smarter 

80% of maintenance personnel favor preventive maintenance over reactive maintenance. Automated PM defines what it means for teams to work smarter, not harder. Checklists, reporting, and the ability to organize and prioritize not only scheduled PM, but also work orders and urgent requests, help streamline a hotel’s maintenance team. 

With maintenance teams just one of many operating on a hotel operations platform, authorized users and team members throughout the hotel have visibility into the status of work orders, equipment status, and maintenance notes. 

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