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Beyond Guest Messaging: Why a Full Suite Advantageous

There is overwhelming evidence that travelers today want to talk to their concierge in the same manner they talk to their friends and family: via text. There are countless articles published full of statistics and reasons to use SMS as a primary means of communication with your hotel guests.  According to Twillio, 89% of consumers prefer to use messaging to communicate with businesses. With each passing day, more and more hotels are adopting this modern form of communication. 

The statistics speak for themselves, however most of this data and research is about text messaging with customers and guests. Hotel technology not only benefits consumers, making them feel more comfortable, and creating more personable experiences, but it also benefits hotel staff immensely. I am here to challenge hotels to take technology a step beyond just Guest Messaging - and that is to implement a full operations platform

Here are 6 easy reasons why guest messaging and having a full suite of operational tools is advantageous:

1. Experience Hotel Wide Communication

The front desk is the mouthpiece between the guest and the sometimes hundreds of employees who work in back of the house positions. When a full suite of operational tools is implemented at your hotel, the front desk agents have all the tools needed to communicate with one or all of these back of house employees at once.

The endless game of telephone or *shudders* radio can finally be put to bed. A full suite enables the front desk to communicate requests received through Guest Messaging with each department or each team member, digitally. 

2. Allow ALICE to do the Reporting and Insights

Having a digital record of each guest request provides insight into your hotel’s operation, like never before. Executives are able to utilize ALICE’s reporting to analyze the types of guest requests being received, the span of time requests are completed in, and how long it takes operational teams to fulfill them. 

These insights are invaluable in fine-tuning the guest experience while streamlining the hotel’s profitability. By coupling Guest Messaging with a full suite if tools, the what (as in, what requests are being made) along with the when, who and how are answered - the full puzzle comes together. Technology allows you to build this puzzle, while having less time, leaner teams and a tighter budget.

3. Leave a (Digital!) Paper Trail

I would be remiss if I did not emphasize the importance and value of the paper trail (digital, of course!) that a full suite provides. By paper trail I mean a step-by-step history of a transaction. In the hospitality industry, things happen! The art of hospitality often shines brightest in how one recovers from a service delivery mishap. 

When things go wrong, a full suite not only allows all teams to be informed and at attention right away, but the paper trail allows teams to see where and how the issue may have happened. These details can help shape better training and best practices so mishaps are never repeated.

4. Offer Contactless Hospitality

In a time like today, the offering of contactless hospitality is a top priority for travelers Contactless hospitality is a set of best practices that minimizes the risk of spreading Covid-19 while offering your guests the same level of high-quality service they have come to know. Guest messaging is the cornerstone of this practice, but when paired with ALICE Service Delivery, the communication loop is shortened substantially. A guest needs a towel change? Our pleasure. 

After messaging the front desk, the agent can seamlessly, in real time, add a ticket that is dispatched to housekeeping. The communication loop between guest - desk - and runner takes mere seconds. While the desire for contactless hospitality may have been accelerated by the onset of COVID-19, the practice is likely here to stay. Now is the time to empower your team with the tools needed to succeed. 

5. Have Instantaneous Visibility into your Hotel’s Operations

When Guest Messaging is paired with ALICE Housekeeping, the front desk can have full visibility to each room status. This allows the agents to communicate with guests on room readiness time without having to chase the information down. 

Having the visibility to the housekeeping operation empowers the front desk to focus solely on the guest. If the room is late, the guest can be swept off to the lobby bar for a “drink on us,” instead of waiting while watching the agent frantically radio the Housekeeping Supervisor on repeat. 

6. Help Your Concierge

Luxury is in the details! When a guest mentions they are visiting to celebrate a special occasion, or what their favorite drink is, they are giving the recipient the opportunity to delight them. The concierge can share the tidbits gathered during these pre-arrival SMS exchanges with the wider team by adding to the guest’s profile. 

This information is then fed into every ticket associated with the guest. When the room attendant wishes them a “happy anniversary” while servicing their room, the guest is sure to feel heard and cared for. The best part is, these details will be forever stored -- visit after visit. These details matter! And it is what turns a first time visitor into a regular or a 3 star review into a 5 star one!

Hotel technology will help every aspect of your hotel. From improving your guests stay to helping each one of your staff members to provide the excellent service you expect. You are only one step away from stepping into the near future! Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo! 

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Justine Streng

Project Manager, ALICE