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Contactless Communication: How to Use Hotel Text Messaging Software to Communicate with Your Guests

Fun Fact:  99% of text messages are read by the recipient; 90% of all text messages are read within three minutes of their delivery. (Source)

With COVID-19 on the minds of travelers and hotel guests this summer, make contactless communication a priority to let them know how your hotel is responding and taking the proper steps to ensure safe operations. 

At ALICE, we have researched how companies across many different industries and many different countries are communicating with their customers as the world begins to reopen. We are excited to share how we can help you implement contactless communication with ALICE Guest Messaging

"If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit is a third time - a tremendous whack." - Winston Churchill 

With ALICE Guest Messaging, you can contact your guests prior to their arrival, during their stay, and after they’ve departed. Communicating and reiterating hotel cleanliness and your specific COVID-19 cleaning protocols can help put your guests at ease, and make sure that they are also doing their part to stay healthy and not put staff at additional risk.


Pre-Arrival Communication

  • Let repeat guests know when your hotel reopens.
    Sample message: Greetings from your friends at the Island Hotel! We miss our loyal guests, and are thrilled to inform you that we have reopened our doors! Safety measures have been taken to protect you and our staff during your stay. Book at our special reopening rate here: [hyperlink to booking page]. Cannot wait to see you soon! 
  • Contact guests who have booked reservations to inform them of your new standard operating procedures and prompt guests to engage and confirm their plans.
    Sample message: Greetings! We hope you are staying well during this trying time. We look forward to having you as our guest on June 8-11, 2020. Please note, we value the health and safety of our guests and employees, and want to share the precautions we are taking to protect you during your stay: [hyperlink].
  • Ask hotel guests about their arrival plans (time, number in party, etc.) to make sure you are staffed accordingly during periods of high and low occupancy.
    Sample message: Greetings (Guest Name)! We hope you are staying well during this trying time and look forward to your arrival tomorrow. We are taking several precautions to protect you and our staff during your stay. In order to make your arrival as safe and comfortable as possible, please let us know when you plan to check-in and if we can assist you with transportation and luggage. See you soon!



Contactless Communication for Housekeeping 

  • Move stayover service to on-demand. Inform guests of this change via text message (which can be automated based on their arrival date and time). 
    Sample message: Welcome to Island Hotel! In order to protect you and our valued employees during this time, we are offering housekeeping service on an on-demand basis. Kindly text this number when you would like your room serviced, and we will accommodate your request at a time that is convenient for you. 
  • When guests respond to request service, employees can easily reply with a message template explaining the precautions being taken for everyone’s protection.
    Sample message: Hi Ms. Smith, we would be happy to service your room today. Please note, our staff will only enter the room when it is unoccupied, and will be wearing gloves and a mask for everyone’s protection. Here is a link describing the safety procedures we are taking [hyperlink]. When would be a good time for this service? 

Contactless Communication for Food & Beverage

  • Replace in-room collateral, like menus and door hangers, with text message communication. Send a hyperlink with your menu to guests on the day of their arrival.
  • Guests can order in-room dining through text message. Hotel staff can send a message to the guests informing them of their in-room dining options with a link to the menu.  
  • Send your guests a text message to ask how they would prefer to receive their meal. Lobby pickup? Placed at their door without interacting with staff members? 
  • Since your restaurants and bars will most likely be operating at limited capacity to meet social distancing regulations, your restaurant hostess or manager can text guests when seats at a safe distance from other guests become available.
    Sample Message: Greetings! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we operate our dining services at reduced capacity. We are pleased to inform you that your table is now ready and is at a safe distance from other guests. Please see [Hostess/manager name] to be seated. Enjoy your meal! 



COVID-19 Response Communication

  • Introduce your “Chief Hygiene Officer” to your guests via text. Let guests know who they can direct questions to, and how they can reach them. 
    Sample Message: Greetings Ms. Smith! I’d like to introduce you to Adam Wilson, our dedicated Chief Hygiene Officer. If you have any questions related to our COVID-19 response protocols, you can reach him by texting 555-555-5555. 
  • Send a link to your website that details all of the “behind the scenes” work that is happening: professionally laundered staff uniforms and linens, staff and guest masks available upon request, social distancing protocols implemented for staff in the back of house areas, etc.
    Sample Message: Hi Ms. Smith! Curious to know what Island Hotel is doing to ensure our hotel, staff, and guests are healthy and safe?  You can view what’s going on behind the scenes here: URL.


Gather Feedback From Hotel Guests 

  • Check in with your guests to make sure they feel safe and comfortable during and after their stay.
    Sample Message: Greetings Ms. Smith! We hope you are enjoying your stay. Cleanliness and service satisfaction are our top priorities, so please let us know how you are enjoying your stay and if there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable. 

Are you a current ALICE customer looking for support and guest messaging templates? Contact the ALICE support team at support@aliceplatform.com to get your ALICE license configured to support these use cases.


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