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A COVID-19 Announcement from ALICE’s Co-Founder

Dear Hoteliers,

I wanted to reach out to you to offer support in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. ALICE is a global company, and we’ve been monitoring the ongoing news of COVID-19, and been struck, along with the rest of the world, by the intensity and speed of its expansion. We understand that many of our partners are experiencing unprecedented business impact. 

We started our company with the mission to help hotels deliver hospitality, and it is in times like these that hospitality is necessary. As COVID-19 spreads globally, the face of travel is changing temporarily, and so does the job of a hotelier. We are working closely with our partners to see how ALICE can be helpful in these challenging times. We are also adjusting our internal processes to make sure that our company is properly set up to weather the storm with you.

ALICE’s Priorities in the face of COVID-19:

  • Focus on Operations: Your hotel may be asked to do more with less. We can help. ALICE is built to allow hotel staff to do their best work, and scale lean operations to deliver consistent service. Through a combination of recurring tasks, alerting, and reporting, we can make sure that all the important work gets done consistently. ALICE can help your hotel continue to deliver exceptional service with a lean team. If you have any questions, please reach out to our support staff of seasoned hoteliers to help guide you as your operations need to change. 

  • Provide Unwavering Support: As a core service in thousands of hotels worldwide, we are committed to providing all support possible. Please share your thoughts on how ALICE can better support you and yours during this difficult time. Our customer success, support, education, and account management teams, who have many years in hotel operations, are standing by to help with any questions you may have.

  • Deliver Helpful Content: Online resources are available to ALICE hotels around the world, including our support site http://support.aliceapp.com, our growing repository of talks, and on-demand educational webinars. We’re also sharing our best tips from the hotel community on how to stay productive with a skeleton crew. We are also in the process of creating content specifically around running a hotel in the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes advice from our hotel experts, as well as best practices in remote work, as ALICE staff operate in 40+ cities. We’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

  • Enhance The Platform: Our product team is hard at work in figuring out how ALICE can help hotels operate better in the face of COVID-19. We are speaking to operators in the field, and identifying what enhancements can be helpful to manage any new operational challenges. We have some things in the works that we will be sharing in the weeks to come. If there are any ideas that you have from a product perspective, please let our team know.

We are grateful for your patronage and we intend to serve you in every way possible.  We appreciate the trust you place in us and our people worldwide.  In the coming days we will be sharing many ideas for how to navigate difficult markets and rebound with even more strength. 

Hotel Operations are our lifeblood.  ALICE is only 7 years old, but our veteran hotelier team has weathered previous challenges and their experience gives us hope that when the emergency is over, the industry will rebound. We understand that in today’s world, travel is fundamental to our business and our lives, which is why it can’t – and shouldn’t – simply stop. Your hotel’s mission of creating a welcome, safe, oasis - of connecting the world and creating opportunities for your local community is never more important than at times like this.

The hotel community is filled with caring brilliance, wit and courage - and this is a moment when even though there are fewer guests at your door, the core ethos of hospitality - of reaching out and providing care - might matter all the more.

We are waiting to hear from you, email us at support@aliceplatform.com.

Dmitry Koltunov, Co-Founder and CTO, ALICE