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Delivering Contactless Hospitality Without Sacrificing Service

Delivering Contactless Hospitality Without Sacrificing Service

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Contactless hospitality is essential post COVID-19

If you ask a hotelier or anyone in the service industry what hospitality is you’ll get different variations of the same answer. But at its core, hospitality is making guests feel welcome and at home. If you dig deeper, you might hear more personalized answers; mom’s home cooking, chocolate on a pillow, turn-down service, fresh towels delivered in minutes, or your favorite bottle of wine waiting for you in your room. 

At a time when the consensus of medical experts is to practice social distancing by staying six feet apart and to wear a mask inside to prevent the spread of germs, hotels are being challenged to provide the same levels of hospitality and service that they always have, but to do it without physical contact. Reducing contact between guests and staff doesn’t have to mean sacrificing guest service or hospitality. 

Delivering hospitality can be done in many ways, but for the most part it’s executed by hotel staff. More and more often, hospitality is being delivered with the help and assistance of hotel operations software. Hotel technology can help you deliver the best guest experience - and deliver it at scale. And now, it can help you do it without physical contact. 

As luxury gets redefined in the context of health and safety, the definition of hospitality stays the same. It’s impossible to feel welcome without feeling safe. Use hotel technology to help your hotel staff deliver exceptional contactless hospitality.  

Reach out to Guests Before and Throughout Their Stay 

With ALICE Guest Messaging, you can contact guests on their mobile devices as soon as they’ve reserved a room at your hotel property. Templated messaging allows hotels to easily draft a welcome email or text that thanks guests for their booking and asks if they need any assistance in advance of their upcoming stay. 

Messaging hotel guests on the day of their arrival can help them prepare for procedures that might be in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Guests who will need valet services, shuttle service, or help with luggage can respond to a text message letting hotel staff know exactly when they’ll be arriving and what they need. Hotel staff will be in place to safely receive guests and transport luggage to guest rooms. 

Want more tips and even some templates? Check out our blog post on how to use hotel text messaging software for contactless communication with your guests. 

Enable Your Concierge To Provide Contactless Hospitality With Software 

With pent-up demand for the experiences guests were unable to partake in during mandatory lockdown and shelter in place directives due to the coronavirus outbreak, guests are eager to be out and about again. Before booking or making reservations, guests will want to know which facilities are open, which restaurants can be booked, and where to explore. The first wave of the recovery has been led by the domestic leisure traveller who is looking for an escape back to normal. 

Many ALICE Concierge users have been busy calling every single business in the local area to map and document their COVID-19 policies, their opening times, and their outdoor dining options and menus so that they can help their guests safely enjoy the local area. ALICE Concierge has a local vendor database (powered by Google Places) that helps Concierges track trusted partners, restaurants and vendors.  

Concierges with access to hospitality technology can email or text confirmations to guests with the touch of a button. Concierges could be the key to recovery for hotels as they are well positioned to reduce the amount of physical assets that are exchanged while still providing a high-level of service. 

Strategically Time When Room Attendants Clean a Guest Room 

While some guests may want extra housekeeping services, other guests may want to opt-out of daily housekeeping. With ALICE Housekeeping’s dynamic room assignment, a busy housekeeping department can accommodate last-minute requests or changes to daily room cleanings. Moving stayover service to an on-demand model to accommodate a guest’s comfort level is a great way for hotels to provide hospitality tailored to the preferences of each guest. 

Alternatively, housekeeping teams can accommodate guest preferences with a message asking when the guest room will be unoccupied: 

Hello Ms. Smith, we would be happy to service your room today. Please note, our staff will only enter the room when it is unoccupied and will be wearing gloves and a mask for everyone’s protection. Here is a link describing the safety procedures we are taking. When would be a good time for this service?

Smile - Even if You’re Wearing a Mask

Everybody knows that smiles go a long way. We’ve even written a blog about how slow smiles (yes, slow) enhance guest satisfaction: Lifehack Your Smile, Upgrade Your Hotel

Is this a hotel technology solution to providing great contactless service? Nope. But trust us... smiling, even with a mask on, can improve guest satisfaction. And it’s completely contactless. 

You don’t need studies to see the benefits of a smile in the hospitality industry - just watch a sunny person meet a grumpy one. The smile almost always defrosts the frown. We are social herd creatures, ambling together and sharing feelings, thoughts and yes, smiles. Smiles are contagious, just like yawns. 

Hoteliers that smile at guests say, “I see you and I’m ready to help to the best of my abilities.” Even in the most difficult service situations, a smile triumphs. 

Want to learn more about how ALICE can help your hotel provide exceptional contactless hospitality without sacrificing service in a post COVID-19 environment? Download our eBook today!

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