At ALICE, we are working with our hoteliers to build a technology operating system that can unite guest and staff communication as well as monitor workflow, all from one hotel operations platform. We are working with these GMs to understand how our operating platform can fit into their ever-evolving technology strategy to create competitive advantages. We also realize the amount of education still needed today on the staff side where it comes to technology and data use. We work in a fragmented industry that has been dealt a rough hand when it comes to adopting technology across operations and we are all working tirelessly to fix this.

The Future of Hotel Data

In the future, this will not be the case. By 2020, we can expect that this industry, like many others, will be structured and organized by technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). With structure and the ability to realize the end-to-end hospitality experience through integrated and open technologies, we can look forward to clarity and transparency. We can also better understand our guests’ needs and behaviors with IoT in hotels.

Your staff will still play a critical role in driving the consumer experience (this is what a hotel is all about) but they will do it through a complete software support network that guides the team seamlessly across the operation. Moreover, the data will be connected and predictive. Through the IoT expectations we are seeing in other industries, one action taken will be able to predict an entire chain reaction of following expected outcomes. For example, a guest leaving their room will be picked up by a sensor that in turn will signal the need for a room clean through a maid’s device, and for smart lights and air-conditioning to turn off automatically to reduce energy costs.

Scary as it might seem, we all leave behind us a trial of digital breadcrumbs as we purchase goods and services, and interact with devices and objects. As the ability to aggregate all this data and reconstruct everything about us  develops,  extremely  detailed  guest  profiles  can  materialize. For example, when a new reservation is made, the guest’s profile and possible personalization steps will be automatically created and sent to staff, purely based on past spending data that the credit card companies are already supplying today.

Don’t let this brief peek into the future scare you away from action. Keep working, slowly and surely, to better understand how to access and use the data that is important to your business today (and tomorrow). And if you need any help on navigating the software landscape, we hope you give us a call.


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