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4 Ways You Can Leverage ALICE Platform to Improve Employee Engagement

Most hotel managers and stakeholders would agree that the heart and soul of their hotels are their employees. However, contrary to this shared belief, employers have always struggled to engage their staff in meaningful ways. Gallup poll data released in June 2020 shows that less than 31% of US employees report positive levels of engagement. As hotels emerge from the uncertainty of the pandemic, utilizing new tools to optimize employee engagement is pivotal to success.

Employee Engagement is defined as the emotional connection a staff member has to a business and its mission. Employee Engagement is essential to a hotel’s success for many reasons, including improving team members’ retention and increasing positive guest feedback. Both of these resulting factors have direct financial implications on your hotel.  

Forbes calculated the financial cost of disengaged workers using the Gallup Poll data to deduce that “disengaged employees have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity, and 15% lower profitability.” That translates to 34% of a disengaged employee's annual salary, or $3,400 for every $10,000 they make.

This low engagement is a costly problem but no need to panic! ALICE, the all-in-one hotel operations platform, is your best solution.

Hotels can improve Employee Engagement by leveraging four main principles: Empowerment, Recognition, Communication, and Inclusion. An operations platform such as ALICE provides countless functionalities and features that hospitality leaders can implement immediately to target each of these key engagement factors. 

Using ALICE to Empower Employees

Empowerment is the leading force behind Employee Engagement. To empower a team member is to hand the decision-making and authority down the chain of command to middle managers and line-level team members. 

ALICE is extensively customizable, allowing your operations management team to adjust the services and details that specifically work best for your property. Providing that level of control through ALICE for your team will empower them. It will also present them as competent and respected by your staff for their ability to adapt and change according to requests.

ALICE’s Service Delivery provides the option to allow your entire staff to enter tickets which helps your team members to feel responsible and empowered to manage requests and tasks. When employees see a problem, they can be proactive and report the issue to the appropriate department and initiate the process of fixing the problem. All members of your team have contributed to the solution, which empowers your entire staff. 

Empowering your Housekeeping staff has never been easier using ALICE Housekeeping. Room Attendants and others in this department work alone most of the day, and as a result, the level of engagement is typically relatively low. Room Attendants are the most likely to discover broken or damaged items within a room, between stays. Empowering this employee with ALICE will drastically improve the condition of your hotel with the added benefit of increasing engagement. 

Leveraging ALICE to Enhance Employee Communications

According to an article posted by HotelManagement.net, poor engagement can be attributed in large part to insufficient or non-existent communication systems, citing “Inadequate contact with team members offsite or deskless workers can lead to a gap in communication.”

Using ALICE Internal Notes can instantly break down the communication barriers across departments and even among co-workers. This feature allows staff members to quickly and seamlessly communicate with one another simply by using the communication features within the app. Strong internal hotel communication between employees provides a place for conflict resolution before any potential escalation of the issue.  

Improving Employee Recognition with ALICE

Employees who feel recognized for their accomplishments or job well done are more likely to reproduce high-quality work. Managers often use goal setting and rewards to motivate their teams but often lack quantifiable metrics to gauge the level of success of that employee.   

Using ALICE Reports, you can identify and track metrics relating to your employees. Using metrics derived from the reporting feature, you can set baseline expectations and longer-term goals for your employees. As a manager, you could, for example, set a goal such as all Front Desk employees must enter 10 Guest Feedback Tickets into ALICE per week. This number would be expected; then, management could offer rewards to those who exceed this goal. 

Meaningful recognition of an employee requires more than a physical reward. Outward recognition among the staff is also highly motivating. Having an employee of the month award is a great way to highlight and feature your employees. With ALICE, you can set quantifiable goals and metrics to help guide your decision and motivate your staff.

Facilitating Employee Inclusion with ALICE 

Inclusion is the sense of being an active part of a system, working together toward a common goal. Poor Engagement scores are linked to a lack of connection to the hotel and its mission. Most employees don’t understand your hotel’s goals, vision, and mission and hence don’t understand their part in these objectives. 

Use ALICE Notes to spread messages to the entire team. With this feature, management could post the mission and vision statement for your staff to see daily. This subtle reminder will go a long way in connecting your employees with the overall objective of the hotel, which is its mission. 

Inclusion is at the heart of ALICE’s functionality. ALICE was designed to improve your hotel’s operations, which is achieved by providing a single tool for all departments to work together toward a common goal. Developing cross-departmental teamwork by utilizing ALICE will help establish strong unity and belongingness.

With ALICE’s combination of services, from the first day you implement the program, your management team will be equipped with the tools needed to improve Employee Engagement at your hotel.

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Josh Whalen

Customer Success Specialist- ALICE