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How Hotel Management Software Can Help Streamline Staff Communication

Streamlining operations is much easier said than done in the hospitality industry. With multiple departments and a variety of competing communication goals, hotel operations are complex. Hoteliers are often the first to say that streamlining can sometimes fall off of their priorities with the number of responsibilities each team member has. 

Priorities tend to be placed on specific tasks such as housekeeping requests, sending guest reminders, or efficient check-in and check-out. However, the most significant focus should be the communication between staff members. Clear, direct communication is a must for any hotel; without it, guest requests fall through the cracks.

With all of these different departments and competing requests, hotel leadership must actively prioritize efficient staff communication. After all, streamlining your team’s communication can be a big help when fulfilling a hotel guest request. Everything goes faster with the entire hotel on the same page and in constant communication!

The concept of streamlining all operations is simple enough, but how do you put it into practice to work well for your teams? Check out these three tips from the hospitality operations experts at ALICE.

Eliminate the Language Barrier

There are several benefits of using a hotel management software for your staff to use; however, the best benefit is that nothing gets lost in translation. Ensure your staff knows how to set their preferred language. With an operations platform, any of your employees can receive instant notifications. But, these notifications aren’t helpful if they are not understood. 

Eliminating the language barrier gives your staff the ability to send and receive messages in their preferred language, dramatically improving communications between departments. With real-time translation capabilities, ALICE’s hotel operations software eliminates the need for translating and excessive proofreading, allowing your staff will feel more comfortable and confident in what they are communicating. 

Leverage Checklists to Create Efficiency

Hotel checklists free up brain space by giving someone reminders for every day - but sometimes overlooked - tasks. With a clear, written reminder to do the little things, you can focus your attention (and brainpower) on essential tasks like keeping guests safe and providing an exceptional guest experience. 

Hotel maintenance teams benefit greatly from using maintenance checklists. From daily walk-throughs to preventive maintenance, this department can utilize hotel checklists in many different ways. Checklists make expectations universal. Instead of a department calling another to confirm they have completed the evening lobby clean, for example, they can review their checklists in the management software and, in real-time, answer their question.

Checklists are not so much to communicate with other staff members but rather eliminate unnecessary, time-consuming communication. Your team needs and wants clear, concise communications to provide the service that guests are looking for. 

Tips for making a strong checklist: 

  • Create clear tasks 
  • Include only one task for each checkbox 
  • Group “like” tasks together
  • Group tasks in the same area together 
  • Include space for users to include notes

Reduce Walkie-Talkie Communication 

Radio traffic is noisy, has a high risk of miscommunication, and is nearly impossible to track. Walkie-talkies should be reserved for emergencies, and you should strive to have all internal communication done through a hospitality task management system such as ALICE

Reducing staff communication via radio traffic is one of the best ways to streamline internal communications. Show your staff the benefits of digitizing notes and communicating within the actual service request. With ALICE’s communication platforms, all notes are stored right where they need them to be - within the service request. 

ALICE Service Delivery tickets are an opportunity for employees to communicate effectively. Using an operations platform, you eliminate the risk of losing paper notes, engage your employees, and ensure that departments and the entire hotel are aligned. All team members can find all the notes and tickets in the same place for each request. 

Streamlining your hotel’s staff’s communication is a slow and steady race that can be optimized with the help of hotel management software. Having honest conversations with team members will lead to better processes and faster solutions. Chances are they will feel more comfortable adapting to a new, more direct communication solution if they know they can have a positive impact on this solution.

In this new normal, where our associates are wearing masks and everything seems to be changing rapidly, the best way to keep up is with streamlined, instant communication. It is just as important to look into internal communication and how it can bring a bit of routine to your day-to-day. Operational software like ALICE will help you meet your internal communication strategies.

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Sarah Price

Marketing Department, ALICE