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How Hotel Operations Software Helps Front Desk Agents

Hotel operations software helps every department within a hotel, including your front desk agents. I remember being in a hotel last year, waiting to check in and hearing the incessant, non-stop, piercing ring from the phone. At that moment it felt like every department of the hotel, and every guest in the hotel, needed to get in touch with the front desk. As a result, it took longer than expected to check whether my room was ready or not -- not a great start to a hotel stay. 

2020 taught us that flexibility and adaptability are often the key to survival. Last year, flexibility was required from just about everybody on both a personal and professional level. From flexible cancellation and refund terms, to flexible work schedules and policies, the hospitality industry was only one of many industries that needed to adapt and pivot, as quickly as possible. 

For your employees working at the front desk, being flexible isn’t just about getting through each shift. It is about setting yourself up to be in a position to thrive. As hotels operate with fewer employees, management teams are finding that one of the best ways hotels can adapt is by providing hotel operations software for every operational and front of house team, including front desk agents. 

Avoid lengthy games of telephone  

In the past, front desk agents have had a lot of responsibilities. They seem to be the hub and knowledge center of any hotel because they tend to be the best communicators. On top of handling customers everyday, dealing with check-ins, check-outs, and restaurant recommendations, they are also being asked to answer the phone, communicate requests to every department and be the hub of information that streamlines the entire hotel. 

For example, your front desk agents are getting a phone call from a guest asking for extra towels. This then becomes a long chain of phone calls. From the guest calling the front desk, the front desk taking notes of the request, then having to call housekeeping with the request, then housekeeping has to organize one of their teams to deliver the towels, finally the front desk should be confirming the request has been made. This is a very complicated process for one request. Explaining it was lengthy!

With a hotel operations platform like ALICE, all of your hotel’s departments are streamlined. This means that every department is able to communicate with each other, relieving that pressure from the front desk. Guests are now able to place their requests directly to housekeeping, and housekeeping can place maintenance concerns directly with that department. 

Avoid miscommunications and missed messages

An operations platform for your front desk is a solution that enables hotel staff to manage all regularly needed functions from a single platform. They can manage functions such as online and offline reservations, check-ins and check-outs, and communication with other internal departments. While the front desk can do a lot, and they’re certainly a team full of multi-taskers, the rate at which requests come into the front desk can result in forgotten requests, last-minute changes, or miscommunications. 

Imagine a guest request comes in for room service, and 20 minutes later the same guest calls the front desk again and cancels it. Chances are the food is already ready and on its way up. With mobile operations software, the kitchen and the runner receive an instant notification alerting them to the cancelled request. 

Without mobile software, the runner shows up at the guest’s door, revealing the hotel’s siloed communication. Don’t let your guest experience deteriorate without mobile hotel management software. 

Free up front desk agents’ time so they can personalize the guest experience 

In hotels, personalization is an essential part of delivering a great hotel guest experience. It is more than knowing a guest’s name, but also anticipating their needs, knowing their preferences, and staying in constant communication with them. 

How can managers expect front desk agents to personalize each guest’s experience when they are also streamlining the entire communication of the hotel? Personalization can drive revenue, keep your guests coming back, and make your employees’ jobs easier. 

When front desk agents have the time, they are able to communicate with guests pre-arrival, and find ways to make each guest’s stay memorable. Whether that is discovering that a family might need a crib and having that already set up in the room, or it might be a couple’s anniversary and organizing a bottle of champagne, personalization always makes a difference. 

When guests feel valued, they are more likely to leave a positive review. They are more likely to rave about the hotel’s fast, attentive customer service. This could be the difference that turns first time guests into repeat guests, and repeat guests into your biggest fans.

With hotel operations platforms, these glowing reviews are in your grasp and ALICE is easy to implement into your hotel. No more chains of phone calls, or forgotten requests, and no miscommunication. Give your front desk agents the tools they need to make a difference with each guest. 

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Sarah Price

Marketing Department, ALICE