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How Messaging is the Guests’ Remote Control of Your Hotel

There is no better feeling than being comfortable and familiar in your own space. You have a sense of control in your home, your town with your go-to restaurants, your favorite tv shows, and - let’s not forget the ultimate comfort feeling - knowing where the light switches are in the middle of the night. This level of comfort is often what stops homebodies from traveling and what gives brands like Airbnb a potential edge: selling the idea of a home away from home. 

But what if you were able to give your guests their own remote control to your hotel and city, empowering each guest to comfortably explore a new environment on their own terms in an entirely contactless way?

Text messages are the preferred means of communication for many consumers. 85% of consumers prefer to receive a text message instead of a phone call or email. With most (if not all) hotel guests possessing a mobile device, communicating with guests via text message can be highly beneficial for your hotel. Therefore, it is only logical to implement a means of communication that your guests are already familiar and comfortable with. 

The pandemic accelerated the need for a solution that guests already wanted: the ability to skip the front desk and control their entire experience from their phones. In a recent case study, we got the inside scoop on how Noble House utilized ALICE’s customizable Guest Messaging capabilities to promote a more convenient, touch-free checkout experience. 

So why would you want to give your hotel guests a remote control to your hotel? Here are few reasons: 

Offer the entire city at your guests’ fingertips

When out-of-town guests visit your hotel, they may feel overwhelmed being in a new city, away from home, without knowing where to go for dinner, a day trip, or even a morning walk. But with an increasing preference for contactless communication like texts, it can be difficult for hoteliers to know when and how to help guests with recommendations during their stay. Hotel technology empowers your concierge to share your city with the guests via text messaging communications. 

Quick and efficient guest communication allows your staff to understand what your guests hope for in their trip immediately. Hospitality operations platform ALICE takes guest communications a step further by allowing your team to add to an itinerary based on guest requests. For example, your team can hand each guest an itinerary or list of ideas of what those guests would enjoy doing or what restaurants they should make sure to check out. Before guests even venture out, these ideas take away the stress of planning and deciding what to prioritize on their trip. The guests can also feel confident that they are not just going to typical tourist traps but rather places that locals recommend. 

Guest messaging is also beneficial throughout the guests’ stay for random questions, requests, or advice. Maybe your guest gets lost on the public transport, or needs a restaurant close to their recent activity, or needs extra shampoos ready in their room after a day of hiking. Your guest can have a fully operational remote control to your hotel, all while empowering your staff to highlight their expert knowledge of the city and local culture and deliver an exceptional experience. 

Be your guests’ new home base 

Exploring a new city or town is exhausting. Whether it is a day of walking in the busy, concrete jungles, hiking in the mountains, or simply basking in the sun - when all the fun is coming to an end for the day - your guest wants to feel relaxed and at home. 

For hotel guests, control and comfort are vital ingredients for their new home base. Whether they are walking past your hotel and need a water bottle or washing up for dinner and need an extra towel, your staff must have the technology in place to create this home base for them. Between the ease of asking questions and rapid communication, guest messaging makes this a seamless process. Personalized hotel service is just a quick text away.

The difference that sets your hotel apart from companies like Airbnb is the fact that you can provide a home base at scale! Your hotel becomes the home base for not just one but all of your guests. The key is integration with the right hotel technology platform that enables guest messaging and streamlines service requests across departments. 

Place your staff’s expert knowledge in the palms of the guests  

An important note to add: when you allow for your hotel to be your guests’ home base, your team that is in the hotel every day becomes their familiar faces, their 'family'. When your team has that creativity and shares this ‘remote control to the city’ with your guests, your team feels ownership and pride when a guest completes a recommendation. Staff are not only proud of their impact but also the hotel and the city they are showing off. Pride is a feeling that beams off of your staff; when they are passionate, your guests can feel even more excited about the recommendations and adventures they go on. 

Guest messaging is a potent tool to connect your service directly with your guests. Hotel technology platform ALICE provides a personal, contactless, scalable way to hand control of the hotel to your guests, ensuring they get the most out of their trip and avoid overwhelming feelings of being in a new environment.

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Sarah Price

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