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How QR Codes Help Hotel Preventative Maintenance Teams

At ALICE, we constantly strive to improve our product by updating existing features and regularly introducing new ones to our users. We pride ourselves in not only being responsive to customer requests, but also in preemptively making the user journey as seamless as possible for hoteliers. 

In the past year, something that many mobile device users around the world have become intimately familiar with are QR Codes. When you go to a restaurant, you can scan a QR Code to access a menu, and in many establishments, you can also start ordering right from your phone. 

Another instance when QR Codes come in handy is if you visit the doctor’s office and are asked to scan a QR Code to fill out information while you wait. Transferring money between accounts can also be done via QR Codes, and airlines also utilize QR Codes for paperless boarding passes.

QR Codes are becoming more and more popular in many industries, and the hospitality industry is no exception! 2021 is the year of QR Codes. They are popular for several different reasons:

  • They are completely contactless
  • And they empower users to exchange and access information quickly and easily

We will continue to see this massive surge in popularity as companies adapt their products and build upon the desire for contactless technology. 

Here at ALICE, we are excited to announce that QR Codes are HERE! Engineering teams will be the first users who get to experience this touch-free ALICE powered solution. We are kicking off our QR Code feature by simplifying one of the most complex processes at hotels: Preventative Maintenance

Here are some of the reasons why your hotel your hotel can benefit from having QR Maintenance Codes available for engineering teams: 

The Technology is Already in Place 

New devices (iOS and Android) have paved the way for QR Codes to be easily accessible via mobile device camera apps. You don’t have to download anything special, QR Code readers are already installed. Scan, click, GO! 


Your Hotel Has Hundreds of Assets

Ask your Director of Engineering the following questions when you see them today: “How many pieces of equipment does our hotel have?” They will likely laugh and then tell you that there are A LOT of pieces. Too many to count. 

Did you know that engineering teams have to keep track of every single one? If a specific elevator does not receive the routine maintenance it should, it could mean your hotel’s license is revoked and your hotel will have to close. Skipping preventative maintenance can be costly. 

If you have equipment failure or miss changing filters and they grow mold, you can say goodbye to your gleaming TripAdvisor reviews. Regular preventative maintenance tasks make a world of difference for the safety and standards in your hotel, and it's much easier to do preventative maintenance with QR Codes. When you give your DOE the tools they need to successfully organize all these assets, it can help keep everyone safe, as well as save our team time and money. 

QR Codes Are Easy to Use

We’ve all heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. We are adding to that and saying, a scan is directing you to a thousand bits of information that your teams need to successfully complete your preventative maintenance plan. So more accurately, a picture (or QR Code) is worth thousands of pieces of information. 

QR Codes Work Quickly

What happens when a QR Code scanner is run through in ALICE? An entire world of white glove service is revealed to the technician. Technicians and engineers can see the equipment details, the tools needed to complete the task, checklists associated with that specific piece of equipment, manuals that they otherwise would have to retrieve from binders adorning the walls of their engineering shop, details of the 3rd party vendor they can contact, the warranty for that asset, the history of what has been completed, and so on and so on.

An Error-Proof System

Eliminating human-error is one of the biggest impacts we have seen with hotels leveraging ALICE QR Codes. By scanning the code on a piece of equipment, engineers will be redirected to the correct piece of equipment via the mobile device. 

Say goodbye to the days when you click on the wrong ticket or search for equipment with the wrong names. QR Codes are direct and the information they provide is accurate.

QR Codes Will Actually be Used 

Sometimes it takes too much of an effort to change the way things work, so we just keep doing what we’ve always done. QR Codes are an extremely easy tool to deploy. Your team can start seeing the advantages immediately. Because nothing is manual and all the information will be linked, you can have the confidence that your team will adapt to using them quickly. 

An Additional Layer of Time Stamping 

Supervisors and managers need access to a history of tasks that have been done. When there is a need to find out when maintenance was last completed and by which user, an ALICE QR Codes has a record of that information, making equipment audits easier than ever before. 

For every room within a hotel, there are 6 - 10 pieces of unique equipment that need to be accounted for and require their own preventative maintenance schedule and checklist. This means that if a hotel has 200 rooms, it’s engineering teams  will be servicing at least 1,200 assets that all require varying cadences of service. 

QR Codes have a significant positive impact on the efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings within an engineering department. 

Interested in learning more about QR Codes and ALICE’s Preventative Maintenance tools? Schedule a demo today! 

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Aileen Jiménez

Associate Product Manager