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How to Customize the Hotel Guest Experience Using Operations Software

By Ron Howell, Customer Success Specialist at ALICE

When you work in hotels you are always looking for ways to stand out in the eyes of your guests. A clean room and great service is not enough in the hospitality industry to differentiate your hotel from the competition. 

Customizing the guest experience is an excellent way to build loyalty and trust with those that stay with you. So how do you accomplish this task? You say things like “leave a special touch” and “give them a WOW moment”. 

You train your team to connect with guests and seek out opportunities to build memories with them. However, it's important to remember that your competition believes in these principles as strongly as you do. You need to leverage tools that will allow your hospitality teams to deliver the best customer service and shine brighter in the eyes of your guests. Using hotel operations software, you can accomplish this goal even if you are operating with limited staff and resources. 

Here are five easy ways you can use hotel operations software to personalize the hotel guest experience and make your hotel stand out:

Connect with text messaging

In today's world, guests demand flexible options. People aren’t always comfortable communicating with your team face to face or over the phone. Texting gives you the opportunity to communicate with your guests in a way that is convenient and safe. If they are staying with you for a special occasion your front desk can send a personalized message recognizing the event. 

A simple message saying welcome or happy birthday can start a dialogue that will help your team know exactly how you can add that personal touch during their stay with you.

Take quick action on important details you notice

Communication is key. If I am speaking with a guest and they mention in passing that they are preparing for an important meeting or are looking for fun activities to celebrate their anniversary I want to make sure I remember that. 

More importantly, I want the rest of my team to know this information as well so we can plan to give them a tailored experience letting them know we are paying attention. For example, I can use ALICE to quickly create a ticket for the team to send the guest a handwritten note congratulating them on a recent promotion they told me about. If someone mentions their favorite soda or candy, create a ticket to have it sent to their room as a surprise!

Use trends to anticipate guest needs

It is important that we are always acting proactively when engaging with guests. If we always waited for them to tell us what they need or want, are we really doing our best? With hotel operations software like ALICE, we can track our most common guest requests and use this information to drive strategic decisions in what we offer guests. 

If your in-house spa or restaurants are popular and regularly booked, with guest data, help a guest make a reservation early in their stay so they don’t miss out. If families are always requesting pool toys, have some placed in the room or ready to give out when you notice kids will be staying in the room. 

These proactive actions will show your guests that you really pay attention to their needs even if they haven’t thought of it themselves.

Schedule Meaningful Moments

Using hotel operations software you can easily remind your team to surprise and wow your guests. Use reminders to remember to call or text a guest to see how they enjoyed their most recent dining experience. Schedule a ticket to have your team deliver a gift to that couple on their honeymoon before they depart to ensure they leave on a high note. 

Planning these touch points in advance will guarantee that your guests will feel as if they are part of your family. The best part is you can monitor each guest request in a single place to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Check in and gather feedback

When you have guests that are staying for longer than a single night it is important to check in to make sure they are enjoying themselves. My worst fear working in hotels was interacting with a guest as they were checking out and hearing about a laundry list of things that did not go well. If only I had known about this sooner! 

Using text messaging to check in with your guests through their stay allows you to see if there is anything you can do to make their stay more memorable. Get a pulse on their satisfaction level and take quick action if something needs to be fixed so they know they can trust you. If you receive frequent complaints about a particular room use can track these instances and make a plan to pull the room temporarily to prevent complaints in the future. 

Finding ways to customize each guest's experience can be a big challenge. Using tools like ALICE makes this a much easier process and can leave your guests feeling a strong connection with your hotel. Ultimately leading to return business and five star reviews.

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Ron Howell

Customer Success Specialist, ALICE