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An Inside Look at HotelTechAwards #1 Concierge Software

ALICE Guest Services has been named HotelTechAwards Best Concierge software and technology tool for the fifth year in a row. The #1 ranking is awarded on a variety of factors - most notably hotel customer reviews and feedback. So, what do ALICE customers love so much about Guest Services?

Check out these key features and ALICE customer quotes direct from Hotel Tech Report reviews:


  • “The ability to get guest satisfaction up is helped by ALICE alone. Virtual concierge and itineraries are amazing features! This shows us - the hotel and the guest - when they are dining and, if a special occasion arises, the hotel can go above and beyond and provide extra amenity for said occasion.” - Boutique Hotel Employee in Providence, RI
  • “ALICE software is very user friendly and easy to operate… Creating itineraries is very easy and is such a professional way of confirming appointments to clients.” - Resort Employee in Mexico

Open Table integration

  • “Being able to effectively communicate seamlessly with guests allows me to better do my job as a front desk agent. I love the feature of being able to search for restaurants and compile a list of hotel favorites. This makes it beneficial to recommend the best of the best in terms of dining options. Also, the feature to show how far restaurants are from the hotel is crucial in fulfilling guests' needs.” - Concierge in United States

Lost & Found tracking

  • “ALICE allows for almost nothing to go unseen or undealt with… We are able to log guest lost & found and provide intricate details about when, where, by who the item was - also able to differentiate whether the item is reported lost, or reported found.” - Concierge in United States

Continuity of service across shifts

  • “It lets me know in the absence of my colleagues when I should give attention to a guest's needs.” -Hotel Concierge in San Antonio, TX
  • “It's helpful for the shift change, because all you have to do is log in and click on a button and viola, the information is literally at your fingertips.” -Concierge in Birmingham, AL

Connects with ALICE Guest Messaging for contactless communication

  • “ALICE is a great software to notify guests through text messaging, adding dinner reservations, tours excursions, and submitting amenities.” - Hotel Employee in Boston, MA
  • “ALICE = steroids for Communication! Our guest engagement scores have gone up dramatically since using the SMS text feature with our guests. Revenues have gone up with the SMS Broadcast feature, inviting guests to our bar events. Our service delivery times have gone down dramatically with the proper use of the software. AND our associate engagement has gone up with fun challenges (who has the shortest SMS response time? Who has the shortest ticket close time?... etc.)” - Boutique Hotel Employee in Knoxville, TN

ALICE is a Force Multiplier

ALICE Front of House solution combines Guest Services, Guest Messaging, and Service Delivery - empowering lean teams to increase satisfaction and drive revenue opportunities at scale. Check out this overview video:

HubSpot Video


  • “ALICE is a system which truly allows you to follow the guest's footsteps throughout their stay. You are able to know where they are, anticipate where they will be and plan accordingly based on that. It's also a platform that if used correctly can assist the entire property in communication with one another.” - Resort Employee in Puerto Rico

Are You Evaluating Your Hotel's Technology?

ebook mockupLet us help you get started. More than 100,000 hoteliers across 2,500 hotels around the world use ALICE. We have helped thousands of hotel managers navigate the technology landscape. We combined our experience with customer feedback in this guide: