Since our founding, ALICE's mission has been to empower the world's best hotels to deliver a remarkable guest experience. We are committed to scaling hospitality which has led us to build the leading, all-in-one hotel operations platform with guidance and insight from our hotel partners around the world.

Moving forward to support that vision, we’re excited to share that ALICE is now joining forces with ProfitSword, Hotel Effectiveness, and Transcendent as a new company, Actabl.

What is Actabl?


We officially launched Actabl at HITEC 2022 - featuring best-in-class tools from:

  • ProfitSword business intelligence, analytics, and reporting
  • Hotel Effectiveness’ labor optimization platform
  • ALICE operations management for guest services, housekeeping, and service delivery
  • Transcendent enterprise asset management and capital expenditure planning

At Actabl, we are building a comprehensive platform to give hoteliers insights to know what to do, when to do it, and the visibility to know it worked. Curious to discover how our solutions can impact your hotels? Schedule 20 minutes with ALICE to learn more: