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Top 11 Post COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Resources

Dear Hoteliers, 

The past six months have been a never-ending test of resilience for the hotel industry. No hotelier has been left untouched by the effects that COVID-19 has had on the tourism, hospitality, and travel industry. Temporary closures, permanent closures, low occupancy, and lean teams are just a few of the things hoteliers have been forced to navigate through. 

As the summer comes to a close and we reflect, we’ve seen so many of our partners, friends, and customers rise to the occasion to support each other - and the fantastic industry that we are a part of. Help and comfort. This is the essence of hospitality. Whether it’s somebody walking through the doors of your hotel, or supporting your community in whatever way is needed, hoteliers will always excel. 

After looking at industry data and talking to our customers, we strongly believe the hotel industry will come back. But coming back is not the end game. We live in a different landscape for the time being and it's the hotels that can adapt and change that will have the most success. 

We’ve been hard at work talking to hospitality industry leaders and creating helpful resources so that we can all work together, adapt, change, and find ways to move forward. 

So here it is...our list of the top 11 most helpful resources for the hospitality industry.

Yours in hospitality, 
– Alex Shashou
ALICE, President & Co-Founder



Hospitality Industry Collaborations

1. ALICE & AAHOA North Pacific Region’s Webinar

Dmitry Koltunov, ALICE’s CTO & Co-Founder, and Jeffrey Parker, ALICE’s Hotel Operations Expert, hosted a webinar with AAHOA’s North Pacific Chapter to talk about Utilizing Technology to Ensure Safety


2. Oracle Hospitality’s Innovation Week 

Oracle’s Innovation Week was dedicated to speeding up the hospitality industry’s recovery, and creating solutions related to the rapidly evolving demand for contactless guest and employee experiences. “I think we undervalue how serious conversation and insights into capabilities, old and new, can propel the industry forward,” said Andy Kong, ALICE’s Associate Product Manager. “Camaraderie with a broad array of providers is crucial and I am pleased to have been part of this year’s Oracle Innovation Week.”


3. Hotel Wake Up Call

As many regions around the world start to shut down, some people made banana bread and others started podcasts. Well, we fell into the second category. We started a podcast!

Hotel Wake Up Call focuses on the history of the hotel industry...where it’s been, where it’s going, and the latest trends. We spoke to a wide range of guests from operations experts, to hotel owners, to industry consultants. Some of our favorite episodes: Bashar WaliLeigh Hitz 


4. Podcast: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Hospitality Industry

On this episode of the MarketScale Hospitality podcast, Voice of B2B, Daniel Litwin, is joined by Dmitry Koltunov to highlight the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hoteliers and the hospitality industry as a whole. One of the lasting outcomes of the current uncertain period, Dmitry noted, would be a greater emphasis on a hotel’s digital communications strategy. The digital correspondence happening during shelter in place was a necessity, but it will likely now become more commonplace for hotels even during “normal” operations.


5. Alex Shashou joined Adam Knight on the Proven Principles Podcast

From lean teams, to industry news, to the barriers hiring managers are facing, Adam and Alex talk all things hospitality during a pandemic. 




Post COVID-19 Hotel Operations Tools 

There are many clear and useful guidelines that have been written about post COVID-19 hotel operations. It seems like there is fair consensus on what to do but, as is often the case with any set of standards, what's missing for hotel managers is the how. ALICE created an eBook showcasing how technology helps deliver contactless hospitality with a lean staff, and created printable PDF checklists for hoteliers to start using today! 


6. eBook: Post COVID-19 Hotel Operations Guide  

7. Hotel Preventative Maintenance Checklists 

8. Hotel Housekeeping Disinfection Checklists  




Contactless Hospitality

9. Contactless Hospitality and Your Hotel: An Infographic

What is contactless hospitality? We created an infographic to not only help you understand what it is, but to help you implement it at your hotel. 


10. How to Prove Your Hotel is Ready to Offer Contactless Hospitality 

Hoteliers must prove to their guests and reassure them that their hotel is safe, clean, and prepared to deliver a contactless guest experience. Notices on your website, pre-arrival guest communication, and electing a safety and cleanliness officer are just a few ways that your hotel can say “We’re ready for you!”


11. Delivering Contactless Hospitality Without Sacrificing Service 

What’s the point of contactless hospitality if you can’t match it with excellent service? Check out a list of the top ways to make sure your guests know you care while also keeping them safe during their stay. 

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