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Webinar Recap: A Hotel Hero's Tool Kit


Hoteliers have always been heroes, but being the hero is even more challenging with a lean team. Hiring more workers is just not an option today. ALICE & Zaplox join forces to help you learn about tools to unleash your hotel superpowers - empowering you to thrive in today's unpredictable travel landscape.

Meet the Speakers

Aileen Jiménez, Product Manager at ALICE (email: aileen.jimenez@aliceplatform.com)

I am a hotelier. It’s my industry. It’s what I do - just in a different world of technology. I come from luxury independent (a place called Hotel Emma in San Antonio) as a leader in the Rooms Division. My background is mostly Front Office, Guest Services, and Housekeeping. My primary mission at ALICE is to be the voice of hoteliers and ensure that your critical input is driving the solutions we produce.

Megan Lach, Director of Sales at Zaplox (email: megan.lach@zaplox.com)

I have served in the hospitality industry for roughly a decade - on property at hotels & private clubs, in sales & catering, and in the hospitality tech world. I got my feet wet in a small boutique hotel where I - like many of you - wore many hats in food and beverage, front of house, and housekeeping. 

Key Takeaways

Hoteliers are on an urgent mission to deliver a safe, contactless guest experience with easy access to high-quality service – all while working with a leaner staff. In this conversation, we discuss ways to:

  • Execute on guests' ever-changing safety demands through tools like
    • contactless check-in & checkout
    • automated staff operations checklists that can be customized to your property
  • Deliver high-quality service with fewer face-to-face interactions through
    • increased mobile app usage
    • streamlined creation of service request tickets initiated by guest messaging
  • Manage occupancy and grow ancillary revenue by:
    • automated creation of personalized guest itineraries
    • centralized organization and tracking of guests requests
  • Operate seamlessly on leaner teams with:
    • user-friendly tech tools that can be easily integrated with simple staff training
    • unmatched customer support from your hotel operations software partners

Q&A Highlights

What types of PMS do you integrate with?

Aileen: All the major players!
Megan: We also integrate directly with your PMS and major door locks vendors.

Can I create messaging templates for FAQs to save staff time?

Aileen: Absolutely. With ALICE you can add your tone and your branding voice. And when you click on a template, we can automatically pull in specific guest information - like first name - to personalize the conversation.

Is there a way to integrate information from food & beverage, like menus?

Megan: Yes! Using Zaplox, you can present PDFs of menus within the app, or link out to the restaurant’s website.

When choosing a new technology partner, what differentiates ALICE?

Aileen: Everyone on our Customer Success team is a former hotelier. We know your industry and can relate to your problems.

Supercharge Your Summer with ALICE & Zaplox

What is your hotel’s expected occupancy this summer? No clue? You are not alone. We asked that question to our webinar attendees, and answers were across the board. From 0% to 75% to completely unsure! Looming “revenge travel” brings both hope and increased uncertainty.

We are here to help you feel secure by integrating the right hotel management tools to prepare for any situation. Let’s get together to understand how we can address your challenges and supercharge your lean staff to become hotel heroes.

Want to set a meeting with the speakers? Contact Aileen (with ALICE) and Megan (with Zaplox) to learn more.


Aileen Jiménez

Associate Product Manager