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What is the ROI for Hotel Housekeeping Software?

Housekeeping is one of the most expensive departments in a hotel. But, it is also one of the departments which completes some of the most impactful work in a hotel. Guests immediately notice when rooms aren’t clean, and they aren’t shy about letting hoteliers know. 

Hotel guests check reviews before booking a hotel. Before COVID-19, 4 out of 5 guests would abandon a hotel booking because of an unclean guest room. What do you think the statistic is now? 

Equipping your housekeeping department with hotel housekeeping software seems like a no-brainer; it helps teams stay organized, communicate efficiently, and is the ultimate tool for lean teams. But, when evaluating your hotel’s needs, and evaluating different products, how do you answer the question “What is the ROI for hotel housekeeping software?”  

ROI for housekeeping can be measured differently. Here are a few ways to evaluate the ROI of housekeeping technology at your property: 


Time and Money 

Hotel housekeeping software saves time and money

Coast Hotels is a highly respected, fast-growing chain of nearly 40 properties. In 2019, it begun a targeted effort to modernize and consolidate its operational systems to become a more data-driven organization. In adapting ALICE Housekeeping as its hotel housekeeping software, Coast Hotels saw significant time savings, resulting in financial savings across the department. 

The ROI from ALICE’s housekeeping product were evident and robust. For properties such as Coast Victoria Hotel, one of Coast Hotels’ properties, a property eager to elevate its operations from antiquated systems, ALICE was able to provide immediate and profound improvements in staff efficiency and depth of operational visibility.

Prior to using ALICE’s housekeeping software, Coast Victoria Hotel did not have a mobile system. It required verbal communication between all of its staff (both front and back of house teams) to get status and room updates. The extensive coordination between departments provided guest management challenges and it was not uncommon for requests to be delayed or overlooked. 

After using ALICE for only a short time, the ROI became clear for Coast Victoria Hotel. Coast Hotels housekeeping managers were able to reallocate up to 71 minutes of work in their day, which was as much as 448 hours annually. The incredible time savings came from two places: board creation and room assignment. 

ALICE reduces board creation time from 30 minutes to under 4 minutes, which results in a 6x improvement. Room reassignments can occur instantly with ALICE, saving housekeeping managers 45 minutes in communication time. There was no longer a need to print, and assign a list of rooms or verbally update a room’s status. 

Hoteliers can calculate ROI by looking at the entire department, and all of the tasks and processes that are done by each person in the housekeeping department (managers, supervisors, and room attendants). The time that can be saved with each task translates into overall saved time for the department. 

Decreasing the amount of time a task takes enables staff to allocate that time elsewhere, and enables managers to staff smarter by making sure they have the right amount of people available for each shift.  

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Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Keep your hotel employees happy with the tools they need to get their jobs done

There is nothing worse than not having the proper tools you need to do your job. As housekeeping management systems become more common throughout all types of hotels (branded, independents, small hotels, and large resorts), it is hard for employees to move backwards and work without software once they’ve been at a job that has had it. 

The real time benefits, and mobile nature of housekeeping software make the jobs of managers, supervisors and room attendants easier with every step of the way. Robust reporting gives managers and hotel management an opportunity to see the stand-out stars on a team -- who is cleaning rooms the fastest? Who is stepping up their game? And more importantly, reporting can also highlight problems areas within a hotel. Where are housekeeping teams running into roadblocks? How can they be resolved to make a team member's job easier? 

Housekeeping management software can be an essential tool in keeping employees happy and retaining staff. 


Guest Satisfaction & Positive Reviews

Maintain a high level of guest satisfaction, don’t let things slip through the cracks

Housekeeping software can help hotels improve their service quality. In an era where hotel cleanliness is paramount, keeping guests safe is now the ultimate act of hospitality. Housekeeping software is critical during and post COVID-19. 

The task management functionality and digital checklists available in a housekeeping tool make sure that nothing is overlooked in a hotel room or or anywhere throughout a hotel’s property. The work that a housekeeping team does is commonly recognized by guest’s in their online reviews.

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