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Why Every Hotel Needs the ALICE A Team

Most modern hotels rely on technology every single day, whether it is their POS systems or perhaps an entire hospitality platform. When deciding which hotel operations platforms to implement, it is important to understand what sets each apart and identify which aspects are crucial for your particular hotel. Customer service is likely at the top of your list. How customized, friendly, and efficient is the experience of working with the platform’s service team?

Here at ALICE, we call our Customer Service and Success Department, "The A Team." The A Team are hotel whisperers; they help you listen & understand where to take action. 

The A Team is built from hospitality pros who know that:

  • You run your hotel; your hotel shouldn’t run you.
  • Your team is lean and must prioritize. Worry about guests, not software.
  • Killing guesswork means less work.
  • Not every support request is a cry for help. Sometimes the support we give is just that: brainstorming, encouragement, or congratulations!

So why does your hotel need the ALICE team? Here at ALICE, we collaborated to compile an ebook called The A Team: A look at how ALICE's Success Team Acts as Advocates and Advisors to Augment and Accelerate Hotel Operations. This ebook discusses how our ALICE A Team works with hotels to improve their everyday operations. 

Here is a snippet of what to expect in our latest ebook and why you need our A Team: 

Connect Your Hotel with Exceptional Support

A platform approach to hotel operations management keeps your whole hotel - each department and every employee - organized in a single place. With platform technology, hotels can reduce cross-departmental friction, making it easy to provide personalized experiences and eliminate service gaps. The center of ALICE’s platform is its Customer Success Team. They are the hub around which ALICE evolves.

“Connected platforms are key... With a platform, hoteliers have the flexibility to run as they see fit: easing pain points, offering more efficiency, and - most importantly - delivering superior hospitality," said Jeffery Parker, Highgate Hotels. 

Implementing new technology while simultaneously managing a hotel is no easy task. There is much more to software than a list of features, interfaces, and integrations. Behind the software, you need muscles, oomph, chutzpah. The company behind the code needs a pulse - a hankering for upgrades to the biggest problems and a dedication to supporting the hoteliers on the front lines. This is where the ALICE A Team comes in. 

Understand How the A Team Serves You

The A Team is divided up into four different squads. Every squad is staffed by deeply modest, hyper-intelligent, lightning-fast, magnificent physical specimens who also happen to be super-powered hotel experts. 

1.   Implementation 

Educators, project managers, and hotel enthusiasts. This team manages the ALICE onboarding experience, configuration, and platform training for every customer. 

2.   Account Management 

Account Managers are your main point of contact at ALICE after implementation. They are your biggest advocates and make sure you’re leveraging ALICE to the fullest. 

3.   Support 

Fixers, coaches, and guides. The talented support team assists ALICE users with any questions or problems they encounter in their day-to-day platform use. 

4.   Enablement

Teachers, innovators, and forward thinkers. Our system experts work with ALICE’s product development team to explore best practices, share product updates, engage users and maintain a knowledge base. 

Empower Guest Services - Your Hotel’s First Line of Defense 

The Front Desk is your guests’ first impression of your hotel. It is what people either praise or complain about and also where relationships begin and end. Your services can only be as good - or as deep - as your understanding. 

A good front desk agent responds quickly, but a great front desk agent pauses to understand the guest. Understanding your guests at a deep level is the business. The A Team helps your staff optimize the use of the ALICE platform to enhance the guests' services experience - bringing your best foot forward.

Stay True to What Makes Your Hotel Unique. There are no Cookie Cutters!

Just as every guest is unique, every hotelier and property faces unique challenges and requests, diverse staff with a variety of needs and skills, and uncertainty in the global travel ecosystem. 

The A Team customizes each install, reporting and customizing to the kind of hotel and its specific needs. To accomplish this, they work hand-in-hand with the hotel’s ALICE Champion. Every hotel needs an ALICE Champion. A Champion is a lifelong learner, a teacher, and a cheerleader. The A Team works closely with a hotel's Champion throughout their lifespan as a customer.

The A Team works with your ALICE Champion to customize each ALICE module to fit the needs of your hotel. Our A Team members consult and offer advice on best practices because they know what works after setting up thousands of hotels.

Our goal is to eliminate confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety so that ALICE hotels can reap the rewards of the best operations platform in the industry.

Want to read more about our incredible ALICE A Team and why you need our Customer Service and Success Department? Download our ebook!


Sarah Price

Marketing Department, ALICE