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Why Your Hotel Needs Mobile Hotel Operations Software

2020 taught us that flexibility and adaptability can often be the key to survival. Last year, flexibility was required of just about everybody on a personal and professional level. From flexible cancellation and refund terms, to flexible work schedules and policies, business models changed and no industry was left untouched by the need to adapt and pivot. 

Being flexible isn’t just about surviving, it is about setting yourself up to be in a position to thrive. As hotels operate with fewer employees, management teams are finding that one of the best ways teams can be flexible is by leveraging mobile hotel operations software across all departments. 

Give your team the tools they need to be successful. Here’s why your hotel needs mobile operations management software


Notifications on mobile devices allow for instant action 

Changes happen, requests are cancelled, and hotels operate with ever changing information and guest needs. Hoteliers find themselves working against the demands of a society which values instant gratification and fast service. In fact, a survey from American Express showed that 40% of consumers want customer service reps to take care of their needs faster.

Imagine a guest requesting an extra towel, and then 20 minutes later calling down to the front desk to cancel it. Chances are a runner is already on their way to the room. With mobile operations software, a runner would receive an instant notification alerting them to the cancelled request. Without mobile software, the runner shows up at the guest’s door, revealing the hotel’s siloed communication. Don’t let your guest experience deteriorate without mobile hotel management software. 

Instant notifications for changes that have been made to reservations or guest requests are imperative, but only when coupled with a mobile operations software system and employees can be notified of changes at any time, anywhere on property.


Mobile solutions in action

Marianne Høybakk is the Hotel Manager at Clarion Hotel The Hub in Oslo, Norway. For her and her team, mobile operations software is a must-have at their 800+ room hotel. “I was a little bit skeptical as I think all people are with the new technology, but then, after some time, it became a necessary tool. I cannot imagine my life at work without it,” says Høybakk.

Marianne’s colleague, Antonija Delas, Rooms Manager at Clarion Hotel The Hub also commented on how large the property is and how the mobile nature of ALICE has helped. “We have 810 rooms. So for me it is a really big hotel and for me to go down from the 16th floor to the office just to check the status of a room. It takes a lot of time. So for me, using an app on my phone just to check the status. It's really amazing,” says Delas.  


Employees are rarely at their desks & updates happen in real time

Hoteliers are the first to tell you that being out and about on property comes with the job. Very few housekeeping managers or chief engineers are chained to their desks in their offices, waiting for emails or picking up every phone call. Enable employees to have constant access to their team members and their task management systems from anywhere on property. 

Hotels equipped with housekeeping software that have the ability to look at the entire house at once, and have the system automatically assign rooms based on the number of housekeepers using credits, minutes, or rooms, are very efficient. A manager can then tweak the assignments to meet the needs of the team, saving time and increasing staff productivity. The assignments are available to the team on their devices (tablet, or small handheld), as soon as they are configured. Employees don’t have to wait around for their full assignments before they start their day, they can receive updates throughout the day. 

Modern management solutions should take into account that hotel operations don’t happen from behind a desk. 


Support for lean teams

As a result of COVID-19, many operational teams are operating with fewer people. Clear and constant communication, in real time, is essential for lean teams. Keep your distributed staff on the same page by providing them with mobile operations software so they’re not only connected, but able to act faster, driving efficiency and guest satisfaction. 

Without mobile operations software, and with smaller teams, hoteliers would have to choose between keeping someone in an office monitoring updates and changes on a computer, or having an extra person on property, getting work done. Platform systems that have mobile functionality are the ultimate tool to support lean teams on your hotel’s property. Interested in learning more about ALICE and how mobile operations software can help your hotel? Schedule a demo today!

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