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ALICE's Customer Team Goes to Camp Success 2019

Camp Success 2019 

Last week ALICE’s Customer Success team held their first annual Camp Success at Cedar Lakes Estate in Upstate New York. Camp Success was a 3-day retreat that gave the entire department an opportunity to come together to focus on strategy and planning, as well as some team-bonding.

ALICE’s Customer Success team is a mostly distributed team that covers 11 different states and 2 different countries, and this was the first time the team has all been in person together.

While most of ALICE’s workforce is remote, our Customer Success Specialists work more independently in their day to day work; unlike other remote roles at ALICE, our Specialists don’t rely on other teams to complete their work. Because of this, getting together in person is a great way to connect as a team and with one another. 

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Camp Success was 3 days long and was a mixture of relaxation, work, and team bonding. In the mornings and early afternoons we had meetings on topics like organizational structure, ideation, process and goal-planning meetings. The team also had time for break-out sessions where we were able to do more strategic planning for the Customer Success organization. 

In the early afternoons and evenings, the team was able to enjoy the property and  partake in some of the activities it had to offer. This included swimming, basketball, kayak races on the lake, and hiking. ALICE also hosted activities for the team each afternoon including bonfires, color wars between teams, bingo, and tie-dying. 

"As a newcomer to the ALICE family, the Customer Success Retreat provided me the opportunity to build relationships over bonfires, and get to know my newest colleagues over campsite conversations. I'd never had so much fun racing through the rain, tied by the ankle to a teammate, challenging our rivals but all the while cheering them on too. I love being a part of Team ALICE!"

- Jennifer, Customer Success Associate


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"My favorite part of Camp Success was the first night. The venue hosts had gone above and beyond to set up a really nice bonfire to welcome us. They set up a cooler where people could grab drinks, and a bonfire was set up with blankets and benches. As a group we went around in a circle and picked a fun question for everyone to answer.  For example we went around answering “what is your gas station guilty pleasure?” and “first job, worst job”. We are such a distributed team and we have a lot of new joiners in the past few months so it was a really fun ice-breaker for that first night".

- Maxine, Senior Director of Customer Success

Until next year, Camp Success! 


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Eleni Cotsis

Senior HR Business Partner at ALICE