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It's a Spooky, Wacky, Wonderful Halloween at ALICE

Halloween is taken very seriously all over the world at ALICE! With a globally distributed team including employees from 20 countries, it is one of our most-participated-in holidays worldwide. 

Every year, we make it a priority to have a company-wide All-Hands costume contest. Of course, pets were welcome to dress up as well! The winner received a one-night staycation in their hometown. Additionally, we held a carving competition where team members showcased their creative skills. 

This year, our Product team had a little bit too much fun dressing up for Halloween and swept away the competition by creatively impersonating each other.

Winner: Design Intern Natalia de Luna dressed as Felipe Miranda, ALICE’s Senior Product Designer:

Halloween 2021 Felipe

Runner up: Product Designer Henrique Stockler dressed as Rafael Bucker and created a Product team Zoomception:

Halloween 2021 Product

Runner up: Senior Product Manager Suzanne Frush made us laugh with her Last Roll of Toilet Paper of 2020 costume:

Halloween 2021 Suzanne

Group photos:

Halloween 2021 Group 1

Halloween 2021 Group 2

Darien Long won the carving contest:

Halloween 2021 Darien Pumpkin-1

Additional photos of the team, pets, pumpkins, and family:

Halloween 2021 Squid Game

Halloween 2021 GIll  Halloween 2021 Wendy

Halloween 2021 MJ Pumpkin Halloween 2021 Cat Halloween 2021 Doggie

Halloween 2021 Jess  Halloween 2021 Madelyn

Halloween 2021 MJ  Halloween 2021 Sean

Halloween 2021 Darien  Halloween 2021 Emily

Happy Halloween from ALICE!

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Rachel Wood

People Team at ALICE