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ALICE Hosts Guest Speaker Chef Lorraine Kenlock for Black History Month

ALICE had the honor to host Chef Lorraine Kenlock for an educational team event for Black History Month. Lorraine Kenlock is a chef, hospitality consultant, and a Board Director of the TCI Hotel and Tourism Association. She is originally from Jamaica, now based in Turks and Caicos, and tells stories through her work. Chef Kenlock gave our team an educational talk about the history of food and culture in the Caribbean along with a cooking demonstration. 

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She infuses spices and dishes from her native Jamaican roots. She chose this path because, in her words:

"I’ve always told people that if you want to solve a big issue, bring people together over a meal".

Lorraine made a rice and fish dish using local ingredients and the team was invited to participate. Kenlock discussed the blend of ingredients and spices that made the dish unique to the Caribbean. She talked about her experience in the hospitality industry as well as her experiences in life and diversity.

Chef Lorraine is also a certified herbalist and offers farm-to-table experiences throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands. She also frequently offers cooking presentations and works with clients to fit their dietary needs.

At the end of the event, everyone had a new meal to try and learn more about this history and culture of different areas in the Caribbean, and how this history shows up in culinary dishes. 

Learn more about Chef Lorraine in this interview here: Farm to Table – An Interview with Chef Lorraine Kenlock and on her website here.