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How Alice Puts Culture First with Our Remote Workforce

Two of the reasons why ALICE continues to set itself apart from competition are our strong values and the foundation we have built using our values for our remote workforce.

We have 12 values that shape how we operate; from how we hire to how we determine company-wide initiatives:

  1. Be hospitable
  2. Be humble and lighthearted
  3. Act with integrity
  4. Build relationships
  5. Be a self-starter
  6. Have grit and get sh•t done
  7. Continuously improve
  8. Be curious
  9. Have a strong idea loosely held
  10. Act like an owner
  11. Play like a team, think like a coach
  12. Be hard on the problem, soft on people

ALICE remote workforce


We believe that great work can happen anywhere in the world. One of the biggest challenges is for companies to find strong talent when they are limited to hiring in cities where they have a physical footprint. We feel that incredible talent exists globally that are aligned with our values and are interested in the problems we are trying to solve. One of the best practices ALICE has implemented as a company is to continue to hire and build a foundation for employees all over the world to be effective, successful and connected to their colleagues.

ALICE has accomplished successful, global hiring due to thinking about remote employment as a holistic experience and with our values in mind. Everything we do, from the channels and timing of meetings, to how we discuss progress, and even the way we socialize, has the remote workforce top of mind.

The most important aspect of approaching remote hiring and talent development successfully o not think about it in terms of  “like-for-like”exchanges. Rather, understanding how the sentiment and value of any physical activity can be transposed into a digital world and remain culturally relevant.

We have tackled this challenge in a number of ways at ALICE. For example, we understand the value of a casual coffee conversation in building relationships with co-workers, and transformed that into ALICE’s Cyber Cafe. Our Cyber Cafe uses a Slack tool, Donut, to match team members from different departments and countries for a virtual coffee. We gamified the coffee event, by incentivizing employees to share screenshots of their virtual coffee meetups to be eligible for ALICE swag gift cards.


We also understand that face time is also critical for employees who are not tied to one of our physical offices.  We bring our employees from across the globe (16 countries and counting!) to our Town Hall annually to meet each other and spend time with their respective team

Our values of “being curious” surface on an employee’s first day. During weekly company-wide All-Hands meetings, new hires  introduce themselves by sharing some of their hobbies and teaching the entire company something in which they’re knowledgeable about - past examples have included breathing techniques, holiday recipes etc.

Day one introductions at alice


Our values of “curiosity” and “continuous improvement” are weaved into our collective learning initiatives. We have a company-wide book club monthly and Speaker Series (i.e. Nir Eyal, Chip Conley, and others). All of these activities are focused on tackling the challenges we face as a company as we grow.

When you work with a global workforce, you have access to a greater talent pool, but you also have to work harder to ensure there is a shared community and culture formed, along with common norms followed. ALICE excels at is creating a community that has allowed us to build a product by people all over the world for customers all over the world.


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Eleni Cotsis

Senior HR Business Partner at ALICE