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ALICE Revamps Its 2020 Value Proposition With Website Renovation

In Q2 2020, ALICE’s primary marketplace (the global hotel industry) dramatically changed due to the impact of COVID-19 on the world. As a company, we had to respond and completely review our value proposition; to ensure the value and user experience we were bringing to our customers was clear and relevant giving our Marketing Team a new goal to make sure that our branding look and feel reflected this new positioning.

Due to the need for a quick response because of the rapidly evolving effects of COVID-19 on the hotel industry, right at the beginning of the project, we understood that the new website would be an MVP, aiming at iterations in the following months.

The solution to this challenge was a website redesigned from our user's point of view. This was a website designed for the ALICE user who was looking not only for a suitable solution for the moment, but who wanted to have a better experience while on our website. The new value proposition, friendly (but powerful) illustrations, and simplified interface images played an important role to make it all happen.

Here is the process our team went through to develop this project: 

We conducted two focus groups and a survey to get the voice of our customers’ feedback.

Our team completed three rounds of ideation sessions to create our final mood boards.


We created a Prioritization Matrix to analyze our ideas and understand what could be realistically completed in our time-frame.

We developed a Radar Chart to evaluate the direction we were taking and to compare it to ALICE’s new Brand Values.


Our team designed our new homepage and product pages.

Old vs New Pages

The new pages are lighter, have more white spaces, stronger typography, bigger and fewer words, and a more illustrated approach. Our message is also clearer and more appropriate for this time. 

The updated design embraces user-centered-design by showing what really matters for the user before scheduling a demo of the product. Something to note about ALICE is that no one is going to buy the product until they have a product demo, but no one will sign up for a demo if they’re not seduced enough to ask for one. This is where website design plays an important role.


Initial Results

The homepage page size went from 14.5MB to 2.2MB. Why is this significant? The heavier the page, the longer it will take for the browser to load it, creating a negative user experience which could lead to a decreased conversion rate. 

When pages take longer than expected to load, it negatively impacts the website’s User Experience (UX). This is important because any time your UX takes a hit, so does the conversion rate and bounce rates.

Additionally, in just two weeks after we launched the new website pages, we noticed the impact of the new design and value proposition: the numbers of page views and our CTA views increased significantly.

It’s been a great journey!

By using the Design Thinking process, we've kept the user at the center of the entire project life cycle and made important improvements to our value proposition and branding. The results of our iterations came along very quickly and are supported by data. Although we remain open to learning from users, as it is the right thing to do, we understand that we are in a good direction.


The Marketing Team for this website rebranding and design was: Haley Martin (Sr. Director of Marketing), Sean Cohen (Creative Director), Merril Guzman (Marketing Manager), Fernando Chaves (Designer), Clarissa Lira (Designer), Talita Garcia (Designer), and Gabriella Cassemiro (Designer).




Eleni Cotsis

Senior HR Business Partner at ALICE