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Interview with Alan, L2 Support Engineer at ALICE

Alan Levitt is on our L2 Support team at ALICE. Joining ALICE in 2016, Alan has had the unique opportunity to work with all departments within ALICE, before moving into his current role as an L2 Support Engineer.

Our People team sat down with Alan to discuss with him what it's like working on the Quality team at ALICE. 


What is your role here at ALICE and what does it entail?

I wear a few different hats, but mostly I am a Level 2 Support Engineer and a proxy-client integration Specialist. For the L2 role, when L1, (Level 1 Support refers to our Customer Support team) either isn’t sure about an issue or needs a little more technical assistance, L2 steps in to do a deeper investigation, writes scripts to fix things, and sends things off to be developed if need be.


What is the best part about working at ALICE?

The best part of working at ALICE is the people. The way we hire and the people ALICE attracts are so intelligent and awesome. They are people who are genuinely enjoyable to be around and make coming into the office always a pleasure. 

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What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on here at ALICE?

My favorite project I have worked on at ALICE has to be the first SMS beta.  One of our engineers, Sasha, who was based in Russia came to the New York office to visit when I had just started working at ALICE. First of all, it was great to get to know someone in person who worked remotely.  Later in the night, we all went out and Alex (ALICE’s President and co-founder) bet Sasha that he couldn’t make an SMS integration. If I could have personified an ALICE startup moment- that would be it. Sasha made it and when I tested it, it worked! It turned out to be the beginning of our SMS integration that is one of our strongest features of the platform and it’s a great ALICE story.

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What is special or unique about the Quality team at ALICE?  

What is special about the Quality team at ALICE is that in a way we are warriors; we have to be ready for anything and have to handle everything that comes in.  An important part of Quality Assurance is just being there and helping where you can; that is really important. We get to see both sides, from the Customer Success side to the technical and engineering side; and we need to be able to understand the people within these groups fairly well. At the end of the day, what makes us unique and successful is the teamwork; there is very little ego, we’re always trying to help each other. 


What is one of your secret talents? Or fun fact about you? 

I can still do a cartwheel!

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