Lisa Sholkin is our VP of People at ALICE. Lisa joined our team last year and had been working from our New York office pre-COVID-19. Since she’s arrived, Lisa has had the opportunity to make valuable contributions to the People team and to the overall success of ALICE. 

Our People team sat down with Lisa to discuss her ALICE experience thus far.


What is your role at ALICE and what does it involve?

I am the VP of People and I oversee all of HR and Talent Acquisition. I also sit on the Executive team where I am able to advocate for staff needs and wants at the executive level. Additionally, I serve as a business partner to all of our functional team leads where I help with performance management, employee relations and oversee the entire employee life cycle.


How would you describe the culture at ALICE?

I would describe the culture as very collaborative and friendly. Since the very first day I arrived at ALICE, I have felt extremely welcomed. I love the aspect of our culture that it is not hierarchical in sharing ideas and recommendations. Everybody contributes to the adaptation of the ALICE product and employees have a lot of autonomy in being part of making positive changes within the company. 

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What initially attracted you to ALICE?

I almost went into hospitality marketing after business school and have been a lifelong traveler. I’ve spent the past couple of years at tech companies so the intersection of working in tech and in hospitality was very appealing to me.  My prior role was at a SaaS-based company and I realized from that experience that I love working in B2B environments where companies are focused on helping their clients and their end users.

Once I arrived at ALICE and got to know the team, I really appreciated how passionate everyone was about putting different People initiatives into place. I viewed ALICE as a progressive company with enlightened leadership. I was extremely impressed that the ALICE team recognized where they could grow in regards to their People function and I saw an opportunity to be a part of the growth and make an impact in the People team and across the organization.


What has been one of your most memorable moments at ALICE?

One of my most memorable moments at ALICE was when I went on my first ‘walk and talk’ with Dmitry, ALICE’s CTO and co-Founder. 

When we were in the New York office, Dmitry would often ask employees to accompany him on walks and would use that opportunity to catch up or discuss projects. I had never participated in a ‘walk and talk’ so when Dmitry asked me to walk with him to the subway I said, “okay sounds good!” and left the office with nothing besides my phone. It was cold outside and I didn’t bring my coat and more importantly, I didn’t bring my badge to get back into the office. I thought this walk would last around five minutes but it ended up lasting much longer. When I finally returned to the office, I realized that I didn’t have my badge and I had left my computer and wallet inside. I was locked outside until Madelyn luckily came out and let me in. I have learned my lesson and will always bring my essentials with me on future walks with Dmitry :)


What advice would you give to newbies at ALICE?

To be a sponge and to reach out to as many staff cross functionally as you can. There are a lot of talented leaders and contributors at ALICE and if you only stay in your lane you won't have the opportunity to benefit from the wisdom that others have. 


Eleni Cotsis

Senior HR Business Partner at ALICE