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Speaker Series at ALICE: Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

ALICE Welcomes Guest Speaker, Author Daniel Pink, as part of our virtual Speaker Series.

Last week, as part of our ongoing Speaker Series, the ALICE team had the opportunity to hear from Daniel Pink regarding his book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

Mr. Pink shared his journey of becoming an author, discussed leading topics from his book, and applied some of his research to current issues of today. Mr. Pink explained that he wrote his book to solve the question of “How does the way we think about time affect us?” Over the course of two and a half years Mr. Pink read through hundreds of research papers on the topic until he had compiled enough information to write his best selling book.

During a time when our ALICE team can not physically be together, the team celebrated the opportunity to come together and hear from Daniel Pink. Mr. Pink engaged the team in a discussion about making the most of your day by understanding the optimal time to complete different types of tasks. He provided the ALICE team with great insights on how to use time to increase productivity.

Daniel Pink shared his expertise of how to maintain a strong team environment while the ALICE team is separated throughout the world. The team learned about the importance of working in sync and being there as a support system for one another. 

His talk covered additional topics such as:

  • The shift of brain power throughout the day
  • Thinking temporally 
  • The intrinsic reaction to “endings” 
  •  The effect of belonging on performance 

The ALICE team is extremely grateful to Daniel Pink for taking the time to share his time management research and wisdom. We are excited to utilize it in the future. 


Eleni Cotsis

Senior HR Business Partner at ALICE