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ALICE Kicks off 2019 with Town Hall Week

What is ALICE Town Hall?

ALICE Town Hall is our quarterly kick off event that we have held since we started in 2013. For Town Hall in January and July, we have a 3-day long event and bring in team members from all over the world (over 14 countries!). ALICE’s Town Hall consists of a presentation from the ALICE founders, a Culture session, guest speakers, workshops, a company party, breakout sessions for departments, and a presentation on the product roadmap for the year.

This year, we kicked off our Q1 2019 Town Hall in New York with a storytelling workshop by Andrew Linderman from The Story Source, where we learned the elements of great stories and how to tell effective stories, both in business and personal life.

Following the storytelling workshop, each ALICE team held breakout sessions to learn how to strategically incorporate storytelling into how we work with each other and our customers.

Our second day of Town Hall this year, we were fortunate to have Dr. Bryan Williams as our keynote speaker. With over 20 years of experience in luxury hotels, Dr. Bryan Williams spoke to us about building habits of leadership, gratitude, and exceptional hospitality.

ALICE Dr Brian Williams speaker


More breakout sessions for our Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and People team were held after our keynote speaker session, to kick off the new year and to set goals and roadmaps.

One of our favorite events of every ALICE Town Hall happens on the second night - our team party! This quarter it was a company dinner followed by a night of bowling.


ALICE team bowling


The third day of Town Hall is our Founders’ Presentation. ALICE’s founders, Dmitry Koltunov, Justin Effron, and Alex Shashou kicked off the year with a review of 2018, our accomplishments and challenges, and a preview into 2019 and what our OKRs will be. Following the Founders’ Presentation were sessions by the Customer Success, Sales and Marketing, and Technology departments on their goals and roadmaps for the year. Of course all followed by an open Q&A for all remote and in-person employees.


ALICE founders presentation 1

ALICE Team Town Hall 2019


Last but not least, our Product day. The root of our entire company, our product gets it’s very own session at Town Hall. Our VP of Product and VP of Engineering walk through the product roadmap for the year and how it ties in to our product vision and strategy.


Eleni Cotsis

Senior HR Business Partner at ALICE