🎥 3-Part Series
Not Your Typical COVID Story:
$1.3 Million in New Revenue
+ Happier Hotel Guests & Staff

at Clarion Hotel The Hub,
Oslo, Norway

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Part 1: The Hub Case Study

“2020 was going to be our year.”

The Hub was headed into a record year for occupancy. On March 12, 2020 the hotel’s guest rooms were fully booked and the main event space was hosting a conference with several hundred attendees.

That day Norway went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Within minutes, 500 guests walked out the front doors.


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Part 2: The Hub Case Study

Reimagining Guest Messaging & In-Room Upsells

ALICE’s messaging features were in use by The Hub’s Guest Services team, but not widely used beyond an arrival greeting either by guests or staff. That changed quickly and dramatically.

Learn how the hotel staff utilized guest messaging in a new, more personalized way. Response rates skyrocketed. In combination with creative packaging, The Hub generated $1.3 million in new revenue from in-room upsells.


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Part 3: The Hub Case Study

Driving Efficiency & Satisfaction with Technology

The 14 remaining staff members were spread out, running throughout the large hotel property (55,000 square meters!), all wearing multiple hats - and they needed an efficient way to communicate and align.

By harnessing ALICE’s messaging capabilities and implementing ALICE housekeeping, the lean team was empowered to safely communicate and gain control - keeping morale high in the toughest of times.