Delivering Exceptional
Service With a Lean Staff

At Clarion Hotel® The Hub,
by Nordic Choice

Challenging Times in Hospitality

Like many properties in 2020, Clarion Hotel® The Hub found itself operating with a lean hotel staff. For many hotels, this proved to be a challenge. Even with modest occupancy comes distractions. With fewer workers, tasks typically build up and take longer to complete.

The Clarion Hotel® The Hub management team used ALICE Housekeeping alongside Service Delivery and Guest Messaging to streamline and automate workflow to manage tasks, save time, and, most importantly, delight their guests.

ALICE Guest Services

The ALICE Full Suite
Enterprise Solution

Since partnering with ALICE in 2018, several innovative Housekeeping features were designed by ALICE for Nordic Choice across 85 properties including an in-app chat feature using ALICE’s API, two-way communication for room status updates, vibrating alerts, and conversation assignment.

To develop best practices system-wide, the company strategically selected hotels to first launch the Housekeeping software including Clarion Hotel® The Hub. Clarion Hotel® uses the Suite to unify Housekeeping, Preventive Maintenance, Guest Messaging, and Service Delivery behind the scenes while staff works to delight guests and deliver superb service on the property.


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Operational Efficiencies Drive Guest Satisfaction

With a leaner staff due to the global pandemic, a unified approach to operations was a crucial element to maintaining guest satisfaction and service standards.

“With all departments operating on a single platform through the ALICE Suite, communication and task management is easier," shared Marianne Høybakk, Clarion Hotel® The Hub Hotel Manager. "Now there is a digital trail of everything happening from preventive maintenance to housekeeping. ALICE centralizes all data in one place. We can copy a guest request in ALICE Guest Messaging and send it digitally to maintenance or housekeeping. When the request is accepted, we can communicate that information to guests via SMS that someone is on their way to help."


ALICE helps improve guest satisfaction

810 rooms served

Before ALICE, Clarion Hotel® The Hub's guest satisfaction ranking was 30 on a scale of 0 to 100.
Today, that score has improved to 68.

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