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at The Royal Mansour,
Marrakech, Morocco

An Epic, Regal Palace with an Elaborate Service Team System

The Royal Mansour is much more than a palace; it is the incarnation of a vision, a dream, testimony to the fact that the Moroccan way of life is a living art. Built on the solid foundations of tradition, yet constantly evolving, it meets the demands for increasingly high standards in hospitality.

The Royal Mansour features 53 Riads, more commonly described elsewhere as villas. Each riad spans 3 floors - from 1 to 4 bedrooms. Amenities include a private shaded patio, a rooftop terrace with a plunge pool, and a dining area. The quiet service, privacy, and high standards all are supported by an elaborate system of 27 service teams.

Royal Mansour Luxury Hotel Interior ALICE

Nearly 600 employees work across the resort. The groundbreaking and distinctive hotel design is exemplified by a labyrinthine series of underground tunnels to each riad accessed only by staff.

The ingenious system of underground tunnels allow staff to access the riads swiftly and discreetly, invisibly ensuring guests’ comfort, and taking great care to respect their privacy.

Thus, the art of service at the Royal Mansour reaches a degree of refinement that goes above and beyond the traditional hotelier’s rulebook.


 Case Study - Royal Mansour - Elevating the World

Elevating the Peak of Luxury with the Latest Technology

At the peak of luxury, nothing falls through the cracks. Operations management must be as ornate, meticulous and extravagant as the service experience. To support this vision, the Palace sought out the latest technology - and they found hotel operations software ALICE.

The Royal Mansour implemented the full ALICE suite ALICE of tools - uniting the hotel's service teams on one platform.


Royal Mansour Luxury Hotel Service Teams

How has ALICE impacted service at The Royal Mansour?

  • Replaces the need for a lot of papers - preventing loss of documents
  • Easily manages guest requests as quickly as possible
  • Enables in-depth monitoring of the tasks entrusted to each employee
  • Improves coordination with the different departments
  • Saves time with fewer calls to coordinate tasks
ALICE Hotel Operations Platform Suite

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Measurable Impact with ALICE

There is a robust and elaborate use of checklists at the Royal Mansour. By looking at how the checklist completion rates climb you can see the hotel getting used to working with ALICE and making the tool their own.

The housekeeping teams use ALICE in order to assign & manage daily tasks, change the status of their riads, and communicate various customer requests. With ALICE, rooms are now cleaned correctly pre-inspection 23% more often. Additionally, ALICE provides the ability to easily track and measure the time each cleaning task takes.

Royal Mansour Luxury Hotel ALICE Platform Checklist Results

The results? The best got better. ALICE helps improve already fabulous service. It enables a natural contactless guest messaging experience while silently delivering the same exceptional service - without skipping a beat.

ALICE is not an off-the-shelf solution. Our platform is adaptable and used in unique ways that cater to each hotels' specific identity. Ready to discover ways to escalate the exceptional? Schedule a meeting with the ALICE team.

Royal Mansour Luxury Hotel Riad Service ALICE

An exquisite guest experience is not complete without beautiful, seamless software.

Discover why ALICE was made for this.

Case Study - Royal Mansour - Elevating the World's Leading Hotel Experience

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