GoConcierge is becoming ALICE Concierge!

If you are a GoConcierge aficionado, then you're in the right place!

This one-stop-shop has everything you need to move from GoConcierge to ALICE Concierge.


Upon signature

ALICE Champion Selected

Hotel selects an ALICE Champion. This person becomes a trusted ALICE expert

No later than one month before move-over date

Move-Over Date Scheduled

ALICE Champion helps select a date to move over

No later than one month before move-over date

Month before move-over date

GC Property Configuration Shut-Off

We will be turning off the ability to configure your hotel admin. This way we can ensure your ALICE Concierge settings are identical to your GoConcierge settings

2 weeks before move-over

Move-Over Date, Attendees & Training Details Confirmed

ALICE Champion helps to confirm training details and staff attendees. Training materials provided

2 weeks before move-over

Evening before training (9pm/10pm local time zone)

Property Live on ALICE

After 1.5 hours of fiddling and copying that feels like 1.5 years, ALICE Concierge goes live

Training at 9am & 2pm, local (Duration ~1 hr each)


You and your team will be scheduled to join a live, online training webinar, in which we'll walk you through everything. Since GoConcierge and ALICE are so similar, we are confident you will master ALICE immediately

Training at 9am & 2pm, local (Duration ~1 hr each)



The ALICE team realizes the better this works the better you work, so we've got: e-learning videos, e-documentation for feature-focused learning, and recorded online training webinars readily available. You can always reach us by email at support@aliceplatform.com or telephone at 212.579.2861 ext 2.

Product Setup

Sit back and relax! Upgrading to ALICE Concierge is a seamless installation. ALICE will import your GoConcierge users, tasks, task detail fields, vendors, and quick links.


Virtual Classroom Training

You and your team will be scheduled to join live online training webinars where an ALICE Customer Success Manager will walk you through everything and answer any questions you may have. This training session should take approximately 1.5 hours.

Help Center

These online self-help training tools will make you an ALICE expert and can also be used in the future for refresher training as well as for new hires.

E-Learning Videos: We will be providing access to e-learning videos. Learn ALICE Concierge and see how Nathaniel Shortbottom delivers excellent service to his guests, Harold Parker and Jennifer Wesley, at The Gryffindor Hotel.

Support Website: Find topic-focused support documentation that covers all the cool features of ALICE Concierge to fulfill your yearning for learning. 

Product Overview

That new car smell: dashboards, features, beautiful, easy to use, fast… vrooooom! Everything you could possibly want in the best concierge software on the road. (Note: this product does not include seat warmers.)

Guests find planning stressful.
74% find the most stressful aspect of travel to be figuring out the details: travel uncertainty, transportation, wasting time figure things out on the trip, and being unfamiliar with the location (Source)
We gave ALICE a wish-list for the ultimate concierge solution. A system which would allow us to curate local vendors, capture reservations, and communicate with guests in mobile and SMS. It is intuitive and personalized."
Noah Lemaich, Chef Concierge

FAQ: GoConcierge Upgrade

General Questions

What is ALICE?
ALICE is a hotel operations platform that connects your hotel staff and departments with a single system. ALICE’s primary focus is to provide thousands of hotels globally with the most innovative and advanced concierge technology, ALICE Concierge.
What is the rationale for no longer supporting GoConcierge?
We believe the best approach moving forward is to have one platform where we can invest all of our resources. This will allow us to deliver the world’s best concierge software, ALICE Concierge, and ultimately the best operations software for all departments within a hotel.
When will I be upgrading to ALICE Concierge?
Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to schedule a date to upgrade to ALICE Concierge. We will be upgrading all clients between September and December, so please reach out as soon as possible to schedule a call to discuss the upgrade process and timing.
What happened to the GoConcierge team?
The very same, wonderful individuals who have built, supported, and delivered GoConcierge are now working with the ALICE team to build and support a superior concierge application.
What other hotels are using ALICE Concierge?
Thousands of hotels are using ALICE Concierge. ALICE Concierge is currently in prominent hotels in almost every major U.S. city, as well as in Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Product Questions

How can I learn more about ALICE Concierge features?
Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email upgrade@aliceplatform.com. We would love to hear from you and walk you through our concierge application!
Is ALICE GDPR & PCI Compliant?
ALICE is GDPR compliant and PCI pending (complete in October). We are committed to providing a secure application while protecting your guest data.
How long will ALICE provide support for GoConcierge products?
Support will be provided through the end of June 2019.
Will there be features in ALICE Concierge we don’t have in GoConcierge?

Yes and here are just a few features that will be new to you and that we think you will like:

(i)       Local database powered by Google, with enhanced search capabilities

(ii)      Enhanced SMS text messaging with no character limit and custom templates

(iii)     Accessibility on any browser (eg. Chrome, Safari)

(iv)     Accessibility on any mobile device or tablet

Product Setup & Data Migration

What will the upgrade process look like?
On the evening of the day before the upgrade date, GoConcierge will become read-only. On the morning of your upgrade date, your team will participate in a remote training session for approximately one hour. After the session, your team will receive logins and you will be active on ALICE Concierge.
How will my team access resources after upgrading?
ALICE will host regular webinars with a live trainer and provide an online help center with videos and training documentation. Additionally, our support team is available at support@aliceplatform.com.
Will I have the same setup as I did in GoConcierge?
ALICE Concierge will be setup with the identical setup configuration, users, roles/permissions,, tasks, task detail fields, task statuses, quick links, departments/filters and guest reservations, so that you will be familiar and comfortable with your setup when you go live. 
What will happen to my tasks and data in GoConcierge?
Upon upgrading, your tasks from GoConcierge will be imported into ALICE Concierge. In addition, vendors that have been associated with a task and vendors that have private notes will also be imported into ALICE Concierge.

Training & Support Questions

Who do I work with at ALICE?
Your Customer Success Manager will work closely with you to prepare you and your team for the upgrade process. They will also answer any additional questions and receive any feedback you may have.
What type of training will we receive?
You and your team will be scheduled to join live online training webinars, in which an ALICE Customer Success Manager will walk you through ALICE Concierge and answer any questions you may have. We anticipate this training session to be approximately 1.5 hours.
Who should join the scheduled online training webinar?
Team members using GoConcierge should plan on attending the ALICE training.
What if my team needs additional training?
Your team will have access to e-learning videos and supporting e-documentation that will cover the all the features and functionality of ALICE Concierge. These online training tools will help make you an ALICE Concierge expert, and can also be used in the future for refresher training as well as for new hires. Since GoConcierge and ALICE are so similar, we are confident you will master ALICE very quickly.
How do I contact support if needed?
ALICE support is available at support@aliceplatform.com or by calling 212-579-2861, ext. 2. We are available Monday through Friday, from 8am EST to 9pm EST. Emergency support is available 24/7.
People need help.
53% of people have never made an online reservation for restaurant (Source)
The guest itineraries and confirmation emails we can create with ALICE are better looking and more professional than anything we’ve had in the past.”
Milliken Creek Inn, GM

Next steps

We would love to speak with you about your transition or answer any questions you may have regarding ALICE Concierge by filling out this form. For immediate assistance, call us at (212) 579-2861 ext.2 to reach our support team. We look forward to hearing from you.