AKA Enlists ALICE for Service Excellence Across Their Luxury Properties

Luxury hospitality brand AKA has partnered with ALICE to standardize operations across ten of its properties. ALICE is the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology, connecting every staff department through one platform for all communication and guest requests. Over two thousand hotels and luxury residences around the world have chosen ALICE to streamline operations and communication with a single platform.

AKA balances the space and comfort of a fully-appointed luxury condominium with the style and hospitality of an intimate hotel. Designed for weekly and monthly stays in some of the most desirable destinations across the globe, the AKA experience begins at the moment of reservation. Whether it’s a month in advance or after the resident arrives, AKA offers a multitude of luxury services, from curating a personalized grocery order to be delivered upon arrival, to booking the best tickets or the hottest restaurant reservations, to custom fitness and wellness programs. By improving resident request tracking, staff communication, and maintenance management through a single software platform, AKA is able to deliver its services to residents seamlessly.

The partnership began with a rollout at AKA West Hollywood, and from there continues to expand, eventually to be implemented in ten AKA properties. Jessica Maidat, AKA Portfolio Operations Director explains, “After a demo with the ALICE team, we easily saw how ALICE was the solution to enhancing our operations, communication, accountability and overall productivity. This system has assisted us in our continued dedication to operate smoothly and efficiently, while elevating our residents’ experience.” 

Before ALICE, AKA Resident Services team members used a variety of systems to facilitate interdepartmental communication. Although resident requests were always handled as promptly as possible, the team felt a streamlined system would be more beneficial, with all communication in one place preventing delays or miscommunication. Indeed, ALICE allows team members taking requests to send them directly to the team members handling them, ensuring all tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, all team members can now view the workflow of each and every task -- everyone is always on the same page in real time.

The AKA team members are thrilled to have a toolset that allows them to meet resident expectations without a hitch. With ALICE, accountability has increased; team members can create reminders and alerts for requests, check task status, and respond to resident requests or concerns with lightning speed through SMS. Furthermore, the volume of resident requests can now be tracked effectively; staffing levels have been aligned to these metrics, making better use of operational budgets and ensuring complete coverage at the most needed moments. 

AKA management recognizes a deep impact not only on staff communication, but also on resident engagement and satisfaction. With today’s technological norms, guests appreciate the ability to have quick and simple interactions via text as opposed to phone calls or emails. While travelers still enjoy the face-to-face nature of the hospitality industry, mastering these technological conveniences is key in offering the most elevated and complete resident and guest experience. 

With eight AKA properties already successfully launched on ALICE, two more properties will follow in the coming months. Of the support team, Jessica notes, “The ALICE team is equally supportive from the discovery phase, through implementation, to post launch. They ensure each property’s operation is running smoothly after launch, assessing each property’s database to ensure the system is being well used.”