Hotel Commonwealth Hits a Home Run with ALICE Partnership

Hotel Commonwealth, the official hotel of the Boston Red Sox and, appropriately, one of Boston’s most beloved hotels, has chosen ALICE to optimize cross-department task management and communication. ALICE is the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests.

Prior to using ALICE, Hotel Commonwealth used a combination of GoConcierge concierge software and radios for all staff communication and amenity fulfillment. For staff, dependency on radios as their main form of communication could be inconvenient; for instance, if a certain housekeeper was requested, staff would radio a houseman to pass along the message. Now, through ALICE, which unites all staff members across departments (and incorporated GoConcierge into its own platform after an acquisition in 2017), communication can go directly to any person who is needed, minimizing runaround and response time. Lucas Mulkern, Rooms Division Manager, adds, “This allows us to be more efficient operationally and provide quicker service for our guests.”

Additionally, prior to the implementation of ALICE, staff had been frustrated by language barriers on property. Now, with ALICE, those concerns have dissipated. Because ALICE can translate from English to Spanish and vice versa, it allows for seamless communication between staff.

Also before ALICE, guest requests were written down and manually marked off upon completion, and there was an imminent need for a user-friendly way to implement record keeping and task management. ALICE addressed these pain points and brought clarity and organization to task management at the property that all staff members have embraced. Since all ALICE tasks must be closed out, staff members are less likely to miss or forget tasks. Furthermore, both tasks and requests are being executed more effectively because there is now a tracking system in place. Guest complaints can be followed up on and staff can be held accountable when requests aren’t completed in a timely manner. This direct communication makes everyone more efficient.

ALICE is tailored for Hotel Commonwealth to target specific property needs, and through partnership and collaboration, ALICE will continue to transform difficulties into strengths. Staff have embraced the platform and will continue using it to provide their guests with authentic and memorable experiences. “The ALICE support team is very responsive, and easy to work with,” says Mulkern.