EXchange Hotel Vancouver: “We Love ALICE Because It’s a One-Stop Shop”

ALICE has helped eliminate teething pains for the recently-opened EXchange Hotel Vancouver by introducing seamless internal communication for staff and a convenient application for guests.

The newly-opened EXchange Hotel Vancouver has chosen ALICE to optimize hotel operations and enhance the guest experience in Vancouver’s first LEED Platinum Heritage Conversion. ALICE is the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one hospitality platform for all staff communication and guest requests.

Housed in the original Vancouver Stock Exchange, EXchange Hotel prides itself on being both green and technology-focused. Meeting challenging standards for sustainability and energy conservation, EXchange is also innovating with guest and staff-facing technology -  using tablets to communicate with guests in each of its 202 rooms, and investing in ALICE’s operations platform that empowers hotel staff to deliver on the hotel’s promise of the best of past and present.

Prior to opening in August 2018, the hotel had been looking for ways to ensure seamless communication between staff. Hotel management had considered implementing HotSOS, but selected ALICE for its “one-stop shop” of operations and engagement tools.

Since launching ALICE, EXchange Hotel staff now enjoy clear communication and task tracking with ALICE’s digital ticket dispatching and to-do lists. Radios are now only used for emergencies or communication within a department, benefitting the property in many ways, especially because radio chatter is no longer overheard by guests. Operations Manager Bonnie Li appreciates the accountability provided by the ability to dispatch tasks directly to staff: “I love that there is always one person taking ownership of each issue and follow through,” she says.   

Bonnie is not only wowed by the product but also by ALICE’s support team: “Sometimes I don’t even know what ALICE can do for me, so I have a conversation and tell them what I am trying to achieve. They will walk through the process with me and ensure the system complements our path to the goal.”