Brands that love ALICE Preventative Maintenance

Use ALICE for both work orders and preventative maintenance

Beta testing found a 23 percent decrease in work orders when using ALICE's preventative maintenance technology
You eliminate the need for radios and communicate better with your team
You have full visibility to who is working on what when
You get user-friendly technology
You can connect your maintenance team to all of your other hotel staff departments (and to your guests!)
Your tasks and checklists are accessible anytime, anywhere
You get unbeatable customer support

ALICE can be used for all of the following use cases, and many, many more:

Work Orders

Come across an issue in a room or elsewhere on property? Snap a photo, create a ticket, and assign the work order to an engineer. The engineer will receive a notification on their mobile device to perform the job in real time.

Asset Management

Keep all asset and equipment information organized. With ALICE, your team can easily access all manuals, warranty info, documentation, and asset history from a single location.

Guest Room Checklists

Configure property-specific checklists and assign them to any available room to ensure your team is regularly checking and maintaining all guest rooms.

Preventative Maintenance

Create scheduled maintenance work orders that automatically generate based on any calendar frequency to ensure no maintenance work falls through the cracks.

The tasks that we performs daily across all departments are often repetitive. Checklists provide reminders of the most critical steps to completing any task to ensure no detail falls through the cracks.”
Noah Lemaich, Director of Brand Standards, SIXTY Hotels
Maintaining the hotel is everyone’s responsibility. ALICE has improved the communication between my engineers and my front desk and housekeeping staff, who are now able to quickly inform my engineers about any problems that need attending to. It’s an amazing tool for getting things done.”
John Agosto, General Manager, The Evelyn Hotel