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Why did it take so long to get peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich? Where's Juliet without her Romeo? And what did we do before milk met cookies?


Intelity elevates your guest experience by improving the way they connect with your hotel, your staff, your amenities, and your neighborhood. ALICE pushes hotel operations into the future by tracking to-dos, staff accountability, and offering legendary reporting. With Intelity, your guest will feel like the hotel is literally at their fingertips. With ALICE, you will know exactly what is happening at your hotel (at all times).

Intelity and ALICE are great platforms separately, but put them together and something magical happens.

There is a fair chance you have already bumped into Intelity or ALICE


More than 3,000 hotels worldwide use Intelity or ALICE, or both.


+ 20 pts

additional guest satisfaction points
More on-property revenue per stay per guest


decrease in bottlenecks
Increased staff satisfaction (reducing turnover)
Guest Experience
Operational Excellence

10% OFF


Receive 10% off each Intelity and ALICE contract, plus a free integration between the two systems, if signed in 2018.

Product Comparison / Overview

Intelity: Mobile and In-Room Technology Platform
  • Mobile Key
  • Chat & Service Requests
  • In-Room & Voice Controls
  • In-Room Dinings
ALICE: Staff Operations Platform
  • Service Delivery
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Concierge Software
  • Logbooks: Guest Service Recovery, Lost & Found, Package Management

Our Clients




We listen to our guests a lot and value their feedback,” Stephen said. “We’re very engaged as a Forbes Five-Star hotel. In the year since we have added the hotel tablets to the rooms, I have received so many positive comments from our guests. Guests appreciate this new and efficient way to interact with the hotel, and we enjoy being able to offer the conveniences of technology without compromising our high standards of service."

Stephen Johnston, Managing Director and General Manager

Boston Harbor Hotel

"Our resort has created a reputation for offering the finest guest service for residents, guests, as well as owners at our villas and residences. ALICE lets us take it to the next level entirely – providing them with the opportunity to be connected to us, and all of our service teams to be connected with one another, around the clock."

Martin Smith, CEO

Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club