Enable your housekeeping department to be in constant, contact-free communication. ALICE's mobile functionality allows users to send and receive requests from every department, wherever they are on property.

Best of all - ALICE Housekeeping integrates with your hotel’s PMS, allowing instant insight into room status!
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25,000+ Hoteliers and the World’s Top Brands ALICE

ALICE Housekeeping cuts costs and saves time

83% Time Reduction in Room Assignment
45 minutes Time saved per day for Room Managers
53% Time savings on inspection checklists

Why Housekeeping, Why Now?

Your hotel, your balance sheet, and your team will love you for it.

Upsell-Icon-1 Earn & Keep Guests' Trust Answer every question about when a room was last occupied, cleaned, or sanitized with automatic timestamps for every action that is taken.
Upsell-Icon-2 Plan in Advance Gain a bird's eye view of occupancy and the level of required work, enabling proactive management of labor costs.
Upsell-Icon-3 Gain Transparency & Accountability Track the progression of room status and room attendants with a single view to report on both individual and team progress at a time when efficiency is crucial.
Upsell-Icon-4 Reduce Face-to-Face Contact Allow teams to communicate progress and adapt to mid-shift changes, while reducing the number of in-person interactions.
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> Room Assignment
Decrease the time it takes to assign rooms with a digital interface and auto room assignment.

> Real-Time Two-Way PMS Integration
Get up to the minute updates on the status of rooms. ALICE integrates with your current PMS!

> Mobile Reassignment
Alter and update staff assignments without the hassle of radios or going back to the office.

> Productivity Reports
Robust reporting provides insight into this complex department.


ALICE Housekeeping is easy to implement! We have a two-way
integration with your existing PMS.

ALICE is certified by your existing PMS to exchange guest reservations and room status information in real-time.
A real-time, two-way integration between your PMS and ALICE ensures your staff receive the most up-to-date guest information.

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