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The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston Adds In-Room Digital Signage To Streamline Itinerary Creation

ALICE, the leading hospitality operations platform, and Percipia, the industry innovator in telephony solutions, software, and services, have partnered to provide The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston with convenient in-room digital signage to enhance the guest experience.

Now, with the ALICE-Percipia partnership, when a concierge creates an itinerary for the guest, this itinerary can be displayed on an in-room device. This provides the guest with a convenient way to stay on top of their schedule, and gives concierge a user-friendly way to share their work with the guest. Percipia’s LATITUDE mobile application brings in-room controls, express in-room dining, and digital signage, to the hotel’s guest rooms.

"We are very pleased to be a part of this project to elevate the guest and staff experience at The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston. We will always be open to integrating with ALICE or any other hospitality applications," said Percipia’s CEO Michael Velasquez.

The ALICE and Percipia integration is possible because of ALICE’s Open API, which allows for guest itinerary information that lives in ALICE to be displayed on the Percipia in-room mobile application. The collaboration between ALICE and Percipia expands the two companies’ ability to offer an even better guest and staff experience for their hotel partners.

Craig Thomas, the hotel’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, highlighted, “We are eager for our guests to benefit from the merging of technology between these two well-known service providers.”

The benefits of the integration between ALICE and Percipia include:

  • Time savings for hotel staff and concierge - The itinerary your front desk staff and concierge create in ALICE is displayed to guests on the Percipia-powered in-room device. This eliminates time spent answering questions from guests about their itineraries or bringing hard copies to their rooms.
  • Convenience for your guests - The itineraries are displayed in-room on an easy-to-use device, allowing your guests to effortlessly access their schedules and necessary information.
  • Customized hotel branding - Percipia allows hoteliers to customize the skin of each device to align with their hotel’s branding or room decor.

“An itinerary is a valuable tool concierges can use to create a memorable stay for their guests,” said ALICE’s Co-Founder and President Alex Shashou. We are excited about the integration between ALICE and Percipia, as it allows our hotel partners to display relevant stay information to their guests via convenient, branded in-room tablets and, in so doing, save their staff time.”