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ALICE Celebrated as the #1 Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech for 2019

ALICE is excited to share we've been named 2019’s #1 Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech by Hotel Tech Report. HTR surveys thousands of hotel tech employees around the world about what it’s like inside the operations of the industry’s greatest technology companies, and topping this list is truly an honor and a testament to our commitment to our people. 

With a #3 ranking in 2018, ALICE is thrilled to have jumped to the top spot in 2019. In the past year, ALICE has grown rapidly, recently surpassing the 100-employee threshold, and expecting to hit 150 global team members by the end of 2019. Throughout this growth, we’ve been able to create a great place to work by encouraging transparency, opportunities for career development, and our globally-connected team culture.

2019 scoring for the Best Place to Work in Hotel Tech is based on seven key data points, which include employee engagement, employee confidence, and values alignment. ALICE topped industry scores across all seven, but we’re particularly proud of the foundations we’ve put in place this year to support personal development and growth prospects.

Reports HTR: “ALICE … invests heavily in career development. Employees participate in a company wide book club, receive access to free Udemy courses, and are nurtured along a very clear path to promotion. ALICE employees talk about the clarity of path to promotion more than any other company’s employees on our list. Setting a clear path to promotion is important for making employees feel like they’re constantly progressing and puts them at ease knowing that there’s always room to grow internally. Major consulting firms like BCG and McKinsey have perfected this art, but rarely do we see startups who are able to provide such transparency to their staff.”

While 2019 is already off to a banner start - we won three of the five hotel technology product categories in which we were nominated in this year’s Hotel Tech Awards (Concierge, Engineering, and Guest App), as well as placed top 10 in HTR’s Global People’s Choice Award - taking top honors when it comes to the Best Place to Work is particularly special and an essential step towards our mission of becoming the global operations platform for the hospitality industry. As HTR writes, “Understanding organizational culture is important for software buyers because companies that create great work environments retain employees longer, service customers better, and innovate faster.”