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ALICE Launches New eBook for Hoteliers

NEW YORK, New York, May 27, 2021 – ALICE, the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology company, has launched a new eBook for hoteliers: The A Team: A look at how ALICE’s Success Team Advocates, Accelerates, Augments, and Amplifies with Amazing Advice and Acumen. 

ALICE’s eBook unravels how ALICE’s Success Team is an essential part of optimizing hotel operations through technology. Beyond ALICE’s intuitive features, interfaces, and integrations, the A Team eliminates the confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety around hotel operations.  

It illustrates how ALICE’s Customer Service and Success Department, built from a team of hospitality and technology pros, helps guide their customers to take operations to the next level. More than 2,500 hotels and thousands of hoteliers around the world have chosen ALICE to streamline operations and communicate through a single platform. 

“At ALICE, it’s not just about finding the right software, it’s about working with a team that can help your hotel run smoothly and efficiently. You’re looking for software that is user-friendly, integrates with your existing systems, and supports your team,” says Maxine Karlinsky, ALICE’s Vice President of Customer Success. “We’re the team to help your hotel succeed.”

The ALICE platform offers hoteliers housekeeping, guest messaging, service delivery, guest services, and preventative maintenance tools to improve the guest experience boost guest satisfaction, and achieve operational excellence by connecting departments in one, easy-to-use platform. 

Download a free copy of ALICE’s “The A Team: A look at how ALICE’s Success Team Advocates, Accelerates, Augments, and Amplifies with Amazing Advice and Acumen, so you can reap the rewards of the best operations platform in the industry. 

About ALICE: ALICE is an award-winning hotel operations platform that empowers operational excellence and meaningful guest experiences. By bringing all hotel departments together with a single operations platform for internal communication and task management, ALICE helps hotel staff act as a team to provide consistently excellent service. ALICE works with more than 2,500 hotels and tens of thousands of hotel staff across many of the world’s leading brands. Learn more at www.aliceplatform.com or contact info@aliceplatform.com.