Hospitality innovation, concierge technology, and guest messaging...just a few of the hospitality technologies that mattered most to our readers in 2016.

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To evaluate innovations in hospitality, it’s helpful to consider the biggest problems the industry faces, and then identify technology that helps solves them.




ALICE CEO Justin Effron talks with Starwood's Chris Holdren and Skift about in-room technology. This is a recap of their podcast discussion, which you can find here.




Just as Apple used mobile technology to redefine the notion of customer service in retail, mobile technology can improve customer service in hospitality.





Maybe you're not ready to trust a robot's restaurant recommendation, but what if they could increase the efficiency of your hotel staff?





How can hotels harness the power of platforms to seamlessly unify their operation and realize huge gains in revenue, efficiency, and guest satisfaction in the process?





In Newsletter #26: Don't confuse discounts with loyalty | The great front desk debate | The hotel of tomorrow will be all about choice.





Today’s concierges spend too much time doing busy work and not enough time focusing on their guests. By automating certain tasks, concierges can leverage their networks and know-how to create unforgettable experiences.





Using text messaging at your hotel can drive revenue, improve service and guest reviews, and lead to happier guests.