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Tips for Managing Hotel Brand Standards with Operations Software

There is a certain amount of reassurance we feel when we enter a place of familiarity. Whether it’s an airline, a fast-food chain restaurant, or a hotel. We could be anywhere in the world and a Starbucks coffee will always taste like a Starbucks coffee. 

The appeal about going somewhere familiar stems from the fact that 90% of us prefer to stay in our comfort zones rather than stepping out. Although branching out and trying something new can be exciting, when it comes to hospitality, guests want to stay in hotels where they know exactly what to expect. 

This is where the importance of brand standards come in. Brand standards are a set of guidelines that help standardize the product offerings, level of service and overall voice of the brand. You can’t have every Starbucks feel the same way without some standards applied at all locations. Similarly with hotels, standardizing many aspects of the hotel such as the bedding, the service, the hotel operations, allows your guests to know what to expect at all locations of your brand.  

As hotel groups grow, many will implement brand standards to ensure every hotel is offering the same level of service for each guest experience. But how are these managed? How can the corporate team ensure that this is being done on a hotel level? 

Having a consistent brand is crucial for any hotel company. Hotel operation platforms, like ALICE, can help implement these hotel brand standards in the following ways:

Message Templates

Messaging allows your guest services team to have direct text communication with your guests. Creating message templates can not only provide a quick response to commonly asked questions, but it also ensures your team is sending an appropriate and on-brand message. 

It also means that returning guests already know this feature and are able to reach out to you directly with specific questions or requests. This sense of familiarity allows guests to make their stay more comfortable and personalized. Below is an example of an on-brand, standardized message your guests can receive upon arrival:

Tips for Managing Hotel Brand Standards with Operations Software


As a general rule, checklists enable people to free up some of their brain space by providing reminders for the most basic, but sometimes overlooked tasks. They serve as a reminder on the bigger picture, which in a hotelier’s case, means providing exceptional guest experiences and keeping guests safe. 

Creating department-specific checklists in ALICE can assist you in standardizing the tasks that are being done by team members. These can be set at a specific cadence so they are running daily, weekly, quarterly or something more unique to your operations. This allows your management team to focus on the guests and still ensure downtime tasks are being completed.

Preventative Maintenance

Our Preventative Maintenance Program will aid your engineering team in servicing rooms and equipment in a proactive manner. Our checklist and repeating cadence functionality can be embedded in this process to make sure this is being done on a consistent basis, throughout all of your hotels.

 Interested in learning more about how Noble House Hotels and Resorts is leveraging ALICE Preventative Maintenance across its properties? Check out our latest case study!

ALICE Preventative Maintenance provides digital, mobile checklists so maintenance and engineering teams can check off, record meter readings, and make notes, from wherever they are on a hotel’s property. This can be implemented as a brand standard so all your hotels are up-to-par. 

Visibility at the group level is essential for hoteliers. Gone are the days of binders in the engineering office filled with warranty papers and hand-written notes. Digitalizing preventative maintenance provides bird’s eye views of how a property’s engineering team is doing. 


Once your tickets, checklists, messages, preventative maintenance (and more), are set up appropriately for your departments, now is the important time to monitor your results! We have excellent customized reports that allow you to track various features in ALICE

Task Completion: If you have corporate brand standards or standards with a rating system like Forbes Travel Guide or AAA, reports will aid you in tracking how long it is taking to complete guest requests to see how you are pacing towards your goals.

Messaging: Our message reporting allows you to see the messages that have been sent by staff over a certain period of time and see how your guest is responding. This can assist you in properly marketing and better service your guests in the future based on their needs while in house. 

Checklists: Once you have standardized what is important for your staff to complete during their shift, you can then see what is getting done and what they may need additional training on. This can help you ensure tasks are getting done and being done properly.

Preventative Maintenance: Now that your PM Program is in place, your management and corporate team can see how you are progressing in hitting your quarterly goals. 

Brand Audits: Hotel groups that have standard operating procedures can use ALICE as an auditing system. Many groups do this through graded checklists however ALICE offers various solutions for you to find one that suits your brand.

ALICE also allows corporate teams to see how each of their hotels are progressing in relationship to one another and in relationship to previous time periods. This will help management create appropriate goals and have metrics to hold their team accountable. 

Brand standards are a crucial framework for your hotel. The consistency of these guidelines matter and without them allow for your hotels to seem disorganized, unreliable and potentially untrustworthy. Investing in the right tools will facilitate this process and standardize everything much faster. 

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Madelyn Rowland

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