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4 Reasons Why Attending HITEC 2021 Will Be More Impactful

It goes without saying: the global hospitality industry has been through a lot in the past year due to COVID-19. Hotels have been forced to alter operations dramatically to keep staff and guests safe. But, while there is variation across regions, hotels have reopened in many parts of the world. And, I’m THRILLED that the annual HITEC Conference is back, and in-person, in Dallas, Texas on September 27-30.  

Rest assured -  the ALICE team is taking steps, along with HITEC organizers, to ensure that all of our staff, colleagues, and partners are as safe as possible. We’ve designed our booth with safety in mind and will be donning ALICE masks, practicing social distancing, and using plenty of hand sanitizer at this year’s event. (For a free pass and to book time with the team, meet with ALICE in Dallas.)

“HITEC delivers a top-notch education and expo program backed by the planning expertise from the only organization that globally produces nonprofit hospitality conferences - Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals.” 

HITEC is a space where hospitality technology professionals come together to teach, share, and experience the future of the industry. This year’s HITEC will probably be even more impactful for several reasons.

1. Hospitality Leaders Are Ready to Reconvene

In 2020, the hospitality industry and the world had no idea how long everything would be on hold. Hospitality is anchored in face-to-face interactions and hoteliers are ready to come together. For the first time in a long time, we can speak face to face - building new connections and reuniting with old ones. 

HITEC will be so much more impactful this year because we are still recovering; the need to gather together safely has never been more important in people’s lives. People are itching to travel, hoteliers are ready to be at full capacity again, and general managers want to know what will give them a special element to make them stand out as hotels are reopening.

2. Today’s Guest Expectations Rely on Hotel Technology 

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for contactless hospitality. Although pre-pandemic hotel technology was a helpful part of operations, it is now essential for hotels to have the technology that guests are expecting. 

Guests are expecting contactless communication throughout the hotel - from a seamless check-in/check-out process to rapid guest request for extra towels. Digital, real-time communication is no longer a nice to have but a requirement.

Hoteliers have to rethink their playbooks and what they have done, and HITEC is an ideal setting to learn from their peers and tech experts on how to take on digital transformation.

3. Your Hotel Needs to Stand Out 

Attending HITEC allows hoteliers to organize their playbooks and communicate with other hospitality professionals to grow together. At an event like HITEC, attendees learn what other hotels are doing to stand out. 

Implementing new technologies and ideas gives your team a leg up and your guests a seamless, unique stay. Hotels have very lean teams post-pandemic, and technology is an easy-to-implement solution that benefits your hotel, no matter occupancy levels, and no matter how many staff. For example, The Hub in Norway got creative during the pandemic using texts to offer in-room upsells to guests - powered by ALICE’s guest messaging and service delivery products. 

With unpredictable booking trends, hotel teams need the ability to automate operations - no matter the number of staff -  to focus on the guests. Hotels are struggling to deliver the same service that was expected pre-pandemic with fewer hands. Technology can eliminate the need for radios and handwritten notes, making communication more efficient, transparent, and streamlined. 

HITEC is a one-stop conference to help hoteliers discover what platforms are available to best help your hotel thrive. 

4. Never Stop Networking 

Hospitality is a very tight industry in which everyone seems to know everyone. HITEC is a key annual gathering for all hoteliers to network and communicate. Networking allows you to build your connections and reach out to various hotel experts for their advice, experience, and maybe even their product. 

At HITEC, you can meet with your peers and have hands-on technology experience so you can see for yourself how a solution works. This exposure to technology is unparalleled to any other event. 

ALICE is extremely excited to attend HITEC, especially after the extremely difficult couple of years that the hospitality industry has had to face. ALICE will host an in-person 20x20 lounge (Booth #3811) for colleagues, clients, and friends to visit and learn about our robust, all-in-one hospitality operations platform. 

In addition, ALICE will co-host an evening event with Allbridge at the Jaxon Beer Garden on Tuesday, September 28, 4-7 pm CST. This outdoor, evening event will allow attendees to connect with the ALICE team over drinks and outdoor games, get to know us, and ask your burning questions. (RSVP here - for hoteliers only)

Interested in hearing more about ALICE? Meet with us at HITEC or Schedule a demo in advance!