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Why Hotel Housekeeping Software Is Critical Post COVID-19

Keeping guests safe is now the ultimate act of hospitality. Personal protective equipment and new safety measures for staff and guests will play a large role in keeping everyone healthy and COVID-19 free. And which hotel department will make the most impact post COVID-19? The housekeeping department. 

Hotel housekeeping software will be critical to making sure your housekeeping operations are effective, streamlined, and safe as hotel housekeeping protocols change

Support for Lean Teams

Staffing is one of the biggest challenges that hotels are facing as they reopen. Many hotels have and will continue to operate with lean teams until they return to full occupancy. Use a single view to track the progression of room status and room attendants to report on both individual and team progress at a time when efficiency is crucial.  

With flexible user permissions, ALICE Housekeeping allows different employees to complete room inspections, reassign rooms and to view the room cleaning pipeline. As teams scale up, user permissions can be easily adjusted.

Gain Transparency and Accountability through Reporting and Analytics 

Transparency and accountability have always been important for housekeeping staff, but now they are being scrutinized even more as guests demand the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitization for their personal health and safety. Gathering data about how your housekeeping department is performing gives great insight into individual employee and department productivity. 

Robust reporting and analytics not only provide insight into people management, cost management, and the ROI you’re receiving from your housekeeping management software, but it will also help you stay informed about how COVID-19 is affecting your operations. Are cleanings taking longer? Are staff more or less productive? Is staffing appropriate for the amount of rooms a day that are being cleaned? Is guest satisfaction where it should be?

If you’re considering an investment in hotel housekeeping management systems, look for a product such as ALICE Housekeeping that can provide an extensive variety of metrics and reporting so you’ll have both a big picture overview of your department and a detailed breakdown of how it is functioning.

Reduce the Amount of Face to Face Contact 

Social distancing has been widely accepted as one of the most effective ways to combat the spread of COVID-19. Reducing the amount of staff to staff contact is just as important as reducing the amount of staff to guest contact. ALICE’s mobile functionality allows teams to communicate progress, and adapt to mid-shift changes, while reducing the number of in-person interactions. 

Staff members no longer need to see each other in person to receive physical assets such as a list of rooms to be cleaned or inspection checklists. Mobile housekeeping software is critical for keeping staff and guests safe, and ensuring your hotel delivers a contactless guest experience. 

ALICE Housekeeping can also auto-assign rooms based on preset logic that allows room attendants to work in specific parts of the hotel, when possible. If staff are not spread out across multiple floors, wings and public areas, this can help decrease exposure. 

Train Staff Quickly on Easy to Use Software 

ALICE Housekeeping software is intuitive and easy for staff to learn and use. As hotels reopen and occupancy increases, team members may be wearing multiple hats and performing the jobs of two people. It’s important that any hotel team member (including, but not limited to: front desk agents, room attendants, and hotel managers) can use the housekeeping module without extensive training. 

The non-verbal usability and cross-cultural iconography of ALICE Housekeeping is meant to allow seamless communication among managers, supervisors and room attendants.

Icons that correspond to real-life concepts, not a symbol system, are important and the use of photos are powerful communication tools - both of these features are built into the software design. ALICE’s interface and intuitive design are so simple that teams can get started with little to no prior training on the software. We were even recognized with a 2020 IxDA award for the design of ALICE Housekeeping!



Earn & Keep Guest Trust

Guests have varying levels of concern and anxiety related to COVID-19 and clean guest rooms, but for the most part, a hotel guest wants and expects clear communication when it comes to housekeeping. 

A recent survey by JD Power found that “guestroom cleanliness scores reached a record high” and “pre-stay communications create an essential opportunity to build trust.” Hotels have a huge opportunity to achieve both of those things with hotel housekeeping software. 

The layers of inspection in ALICE Housekeeping ensure that everything has been done right and no cleaning or sanitization protocols slip through the cracks.

When cloud-based housekeeping software is part of a wider hotel operations platform, it allows for guests to be updated about everything housekeeping related in real-time. From how hotels and resorts are managing housekeeping procedures, to messaging guests to ask about opting out of service, to letting them know that their room has just been cleaned, guests are completely apprised of the status of their hotel rooms.

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